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She poured the milk in a plastic sippy cup and...

Hello holistic warrior,

She poured the milk in a plastic sippy cup and put it into the microwave. 

[Listen to this blog post here]

Then she pressed the 30 second button. 

The little girl was so excited about her "milky" that she began a loud shrieking sound and was pulling on her mom's shirt. 

"She sure loves milk!" the mom smiled and said as she pulled the sippy cup out of the microwave and handed it to her daughter. 

The little girl ripped it from her hand and went running back to play with the other kids. 

At first, I found myself judging. 

This was over 6 years ago, and that part of my journey included a lot of judgement for moms and families that continued the path of mainstream. 

How could she give her that? I thought to myself. 

I had already learned to hate conventional milk, plastic, and microwaves, and this experience put them all together for me. 

Watching the little girl drink from that sippy cup made my stomach...

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She just did it.

movement Aug 28, 2023

Happy Monday bright and beautiful soul, 

 I had a little time yesterday morning. [Listen to this blog post here]

I was waiting for the bacon to cook, so, I popped on social media for a few minutes. 

I set my timer for 5 minutes, because if I don't, then 30 minutes will fly by and I'll find myself lost in the scrolling portal, and then my boys would complain about burnt bacon.

My intention was to find inspiration, quotes, memes, and posts that brought to surface something that I could share or write about with our beautiful community. 

We all need a little help finding inspiration sometimes. 

The first thing that popped up was a story on Facebook.  

It was posted by a dear and close family member. 

She is my soul sister and has been struggling the last few weeks. 

A mother of 5, with a brand-new baby. 

The video was of her precious toe-headed son walking barefoot on the...

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The Ancient Wisdom of the Body

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2023

My beautiful friend!  

Today I am so excited to share this podcast with you! 

It is ALL about the ancient wisdom of the body and how to activate it's innate healing capabilities. 

As we know the body is a very complex and magnificent organism. 

It requires specific things to keep it healthy. 

It is extremely intelligent and wise.

It was designed to carry us in our life's adventures.

In the most recent episode of the Hippie Moms Podcast, we talk all about honoring the ancient wisdom of our body. 

I share with you the simplest things we can do to truly heal our bodies, evolve, and grow in our lives.

Rather than buying all the supplements, superfoods, and following ALL the overwhelming health advice out there, I highly recommend focusing all your efforts on the 8 vital foundations of health.

We can spend all the money we have on the things we think will bring us health, but if we don't focus our attention on these 8...

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"What's wrong?" is what's wrong.

deep thoughts Aug 28, 2023


Radiant being, 

I hope this email finds you so well. Listen to this email here! 

Listen to this email here!

Today marks the first day back to school for our family. 

As I sit at my desk it is quiet and I am so grateful for undisrupted time to write to you, create, and to take care of all the things we do as moms.  

I had a huge realization recently and thought I would share it with you. 

It was about a week ago, it was getting late, and I was exhausted. 

It had been a long mom kind of day.

I had been up super early that morning to make time to hike, grocery shop, and meditate all before the boys woke up.

They have been sleeping in all summer long, and the mornings were prime time to take care of myself. 

On this particular evening all I could think about was getting into my comfy bed and closing my eyes.  

I noticed myself longing for the quiet and calm that comes with everyone in their beds and fast...

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The Journey of the Soul

deep Aug 28, 2023

My beautiful, beautiful friend, 

I'm so grateful to share with you today my creative translation and expression of what I believe the journey of the soul to be.

A mystical and magical voyage into the dense energetic field of earth so that we can learn the truth of who we are. 

I dive into this expression in the most recent episode of The Hippie Moms Podcast but felt called to share it with those who prefer to read, rather than listen. 

Of course, I highly recommend listening to the podcast as I add much more flare and insight to this writing. 

You can start streaming episode 152 here or just keep reading.... 

The Journey of the Soul
by Becky Wells

The soul yearns for adventure.

Listen to the audio version of just this post here....

It’s cosmic and curious nature longs to experience all that life on earth offers.

It conspires with the unseen to be hidden from the truth, from itself, so that it can know the truth,...

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11 Tips for Better Sleep

Uncategorized May 10, 2023

Mothers know the impact that lack of sleep can have in our lives. Feeling fatigued, confused, and irritable, we know how imperative it is to get a good night’s sleep.

However, with our overly stimulated and technology focused lives, our sleep suffers. Stress steps in and wreaks havoc on our body, relationships, and sleep habits.

Sleep allows our body to heal, fight illness, strengthens the immune system, repairs damaged tissues, detoxifies, balances hormones and maintains cognitive health. IT IS VITAL TO OUR WELL-BEING!!!!

1 in 5 people are estimated to have some type of chronic sleep disorder. Sleep deprivation also leads to weight gain by negatively affecting the hormones that tell us when we are hungry (Ghrelin) and the one that tells us we are full (Leptin).

In a recent study, it was shown that a single night of sleep deprivation leads to an unintentional ingestion of an extra 400 – 500 calories the following day!! AND those additional calories were almost always...

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How Transformation Looks

My beautiful friend, 

Listen to the audio version of this post here :)

It's been a transformational time for me and I'm wondering if you too have noticed big shifts happening in your life, or those around you? 

Episode 143 on the Hippie Moms Podcast talks all about How Transformation Looks...Caterpillar Soup and may support you as you too journey into uncharted territory. 

I have been in contact with so many of my dear friends and family who are all transforming big time. 

In some way it makes what I'm moving through a little bit easier because I know I'm not alone and I want you to know that you are not alone. 

We can analyze why all these things are happening and fixate on what it all means, but if we take a simpler and less stressful way to view it is that it's all part of the divine plan. 

Things always move and unfold for us as the desires of the heart are heard by a larger intelligence. 

Things must move to make space for what...

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It made my stomach gurgle with shame.

deep thoughts Jan 27, 2023

Hello beauty!!! 

In late November of 2022, I took all social media apps off my phone. 

Listen as I read you this blog post :)

Immediately after I removed them, I would find myself grabbing my phone scrolling the screen twice to the right, where I had placed the apps. 

With the intention to limit my social media and phone use, I had moved the apps thinking that this was going to help me use them less, but that wasn't the case at all. 

At one time, I even had placed them in a folder where it took more effort to find them, and that didn't work either. 

I knew it was time to take them off altogether. 

It was profound. 

I witnessed myself constantly picking up the phone and moving my hand in such a way to get to the apps, just like a robot. 

It took maybe a week or two for this habit to disappear. 

At first, I was quite perplexed as I consider myself pretty "aware". 

I knew that I had taken the apps off my phone,...

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Guarded Heart... a poem

poem Jan 27, 2023

My beautiful soul sister, 

Today I share with a you a poem that recently came though, called Guarded Heart. 

I suggest listening to the reading of this poem as you close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. 

Guarded Heart

Guarded heart,
seduced by fear.
Alone and separate
from what you hold most dear.

Guarded heart,
unclench your hold.
Let the light pour in
be courageous, be bold.

Allow this moment
to fill the void.
The longing for love, and
the longing for joy.

Break down the walls
that confine your light.
Freedom awaits you.
It’s time to take flight.

Guarded heart
craving connection as
the river of love
moves in your direction.

Open your gates.
Unlock your doors.
Let the love flow in.
You were meant for more.

Guarded heart,
take a chance.
Let it move through you.
Let your body dance.

Trust that you are safe.
Trust that you held.
As the great hand of divinity
guides you out of your cell.

Open just a little,
as much as you can.
Awakening to
the divine plan.


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Your Ferrari Needs You...

deep thoughts my journey Jan 13, 2023

Hello my friend, 

Years ago I was standing in line at the Starbuck's located just outside of my office building. 

I would go everyday and get my Mocha Frappuccino and cranberry scone.

The line was long and extended outside the front door, but I didn't mind. 

The longer I could stay away from my desk, the better. 

I was enjoying the early morning sunshine on my skin. 

It was a beautiful day in March, I could smell the orange blossoms in the air and for a moment life was tolerable. 

I heard a loud rumble and looked to my left where there was a small parking area for Valet and quick drop-offs. 

A bright red Ferrari pulled up. 

It looked brand new and was stunning. 

I waited to see who was driving it, hoping to see a hot, young, buff guy emerge, but it was a older man who stepped out of the car with his flashy glasses and sparkly watch. 

He gently shut the door and scanned to see who was watching him. 

I could tell...

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