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How it all began...

Hippie Moms is an online Facebook community that was birthed after a serendipitous dinner with my dear friend, Kellie. I’ve known Kellie forever and she was out in Phoenix, AZ (where I lived at the time), for a workshop. She came over for dinner one night and it was SO wonderful to catch up. She had three kids and I just had my second child about a year prior.

We shared the sentiment of how much we want our kids to be healthy and how hard it was living in today’s world of junk, fast, and nutrient-deficient food. We both felt isolated and sad that it was so hard being a mom challenging the status quo… EVERYDAY!

She shared with me some of her healthy living secrets and we discovered how much we had in common. For example, we both had a huge jar of coconut oil on our It was funny to know that she too had been called a “hippie” and that people treated her like she was crazy too. After she left, I felt inspired and SO willing to make a few simple changes she inspired of me to make my home just a little bit more safe and healthy.

That night I jumped on FB and created a group, Hippie Moms Aren’t Crazy. What I believed would be just a sharing platform for the two of us for recipes, holistic living tips, and other things “hippie-ish” became a community of over 3,000 women today!

As we continue to grow our online presence, organically and naturally (no puns intended), we wish to attract moms who need the support and love that our community holds. Free of judgement and negativity.

I invite you to join our movement and connect with like-minded women. As we grow, local communities will be established, thus creating more opportunities for you to connect with local and like-minded women.


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