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She poured the milk in a plastic sippy cup and...

Hello holistic warrior,

She poured the milk in a plastic sippy cup and put it into the microwave. 

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Then she pressed the 30 second button. 

The little girl was so excited about her "milky" that she began a loud shrieking sound and was pulling on her mom's shirt. 

"She sure loves milk!" the mom smiled and said as she pulled the sippy cup out of the microwave and handed it to her daughter. 

The little girl ripped it from her hand and went running back to play with the other kids. 

At first, I found myself judging. 

This was over 6 years ago, and that part of my journey included a lot of judgement for moms and families that continued the path of mainstream. 

How could she give her that? I thought to myself. 

I had already learned to hate conventional milk, plastic, and microwaves, and this experience put them all together for me. 

Watching the little girl drink from that sippy cup made my stomach hurt. 

All I could think about is all the microplastics and endocrine disruptors that dispersed into the milk in that 30 second period, and now will land in her precious body.

What could I say? 

This was what they did all the time. 

What if I shared the dangers of the microwave, conventional milk, and plastic? 

Would that even help? 

How would the mother respond?

Would she deny what I knew in my heart to be true, and would it trigger the ever-present and constantly lurking mom-guilt that we all shared? 

I took a deep breath. 

It wasn't a good time to dive into all the dangers this trifecta presented, so I chose to keep my mouth shut. 

I never said a thing, and it was the hardest thing I could do.

At that time in my life, I was a preacher and sharer of all the knowledge I was learning.

I would scream it from the mountaintop and try to “help” people wake up to the fact they were eating poison.

I would use shame and fear to convince people that their habits and ways of eating were going to kill them.

But it never worked.

This strategy only left me feeling disconnected with people, and well they just thought I was some crazy Hippie lady.

When my son was in preschool, he had what we call the "goldfish experience".

It was snack time, and the preschool teacher began to give out Goldfish crackers, a very common snack among American children. 

At this time in my journey, I was all in to eliminating anything that could potentially give us cancer.

What I had learned in researching Goldfish crackers’ ingredients was that they are full of the gut-killer glyphosate, synthetic vitamins, and highly oxidized vegetable oils, all which I had learned do not support the body at all.  

So, we didn’t buy them ever, yet they were ALWAYS around.

“Goldfish are really bad for you!” Ryland told his teacher and classmates.

They all began to laugh at him.

 “They are really bad for you,” he continued and added, “That’s what my mom said!” he replied at their laughing faces.

The teacher told him that if he didn’t want any, he didn’t have to have any as she continued to pass them to the class.

Ryland had been experiencing red rashes on his hands after every time he ate Goldfish so at this point, he believed that Goldfish crackers really were bad.

He wanted them to know so that they didn’t get red rashes on their hands.

The teacher was sure to tell me about this story.

She didn’t like me one bit even from the get-go.

 Her snares and stares projected her dislike for me every time I saw her. 

The weird thing was that her name was also Becky, and she was REALLY nice to my husband.

(That last piece of information was just for entertainment.)

When Ryland came home, he told me about the “Goldfish” experience.

He still remembers and tells this story today, and we always laugh.

I tell you these two stories because they embody an important lesson that I've learned on my journey towards living a healthy and holistic life.  

Sharing what you know, what you’ve learned, and what you want others to know too, can never be received if the person is not open or ready.

No matter how much passion we put behind our beliefs, if the other person or group of people are not ready to hear it, it will fall on deaf ears.

Just like the kids Ryland was trying to save from red rashes, there was no way they would believe at that moment that Goldfish were bad for them.

Most likely all those kids had been eating Goldfish as a staple in their diet since they could remember.

The only way they would learn is to get a red rash, having a stomachache after eating them, or eventually do their own research about ingredients.

Obviously, the preschoolers were not ready for that information. 

And the mom of the little girl who constantly gave her milk heated in the microwave, could have really struggled to understand what I was telling her.

I knew innately she was stressed out just like all the other moms in the room and was just doing her best.

The moment was not the time to share with her anyway. 

It was the perfect opportunity for me to keep my mouth shut and remember that my place is to live the life that I believe in, not to throw it down people’s throats.

In my experience, any time anyone comes full force spewing the knowledge that they want you to know so that you will change, the go-to is to close, get defensive, and shut down. 

There is no receptivity to what is being shared.

The most beautiful thing is that when they are ready, they will ask.

They will seek.

They will see you grow and living your life, then they will ask questions.

They will seek the advice and only then they are ready to hear it.

When you’ve been awakened to the truth of our food and health systems, there is no going back.

It’s a long process to change everything that we know and do.

An unraveling and rebuilding of how we live must unfold.  

It’s completely uncomfortable and unknown.

Sometimes it may take a major or minor health issue, a gut instinct, deep suffering, or a pure inspired insight to move us into new dimensions and ways of living.

We cannot create that for people.

So, it’s important to be okay with the fact that some people will never awaken.

I believe our awakening is divinely planned and it won’t happen before it’s meant to.  

ALL that we can do is live that life that we believe in, and this is the only way we can help awaken.

To live our life in integrity with the values that we truly believe in.

To embody what it is that we know is the way.

Just because it’s our way, doesn’t mean it’s their way.

If we have done the research and discovered that Goldfish are not something we want in our bodies or our children, we don’t buy them.

If we know in our hearts that microwaves kill all nutrients in food, conventional milk is full of hormones and pesticides, and plastic is suffocating the earth, then we choose to not to use or partake in those things.

At the same time, we allow others their own process and journey.

Rather than judging them feeding their kids Goldfish, we can choose compassion and empathy of where they are on their own soul path.  

Rather than judging other moms for doing what they know to do, we relate to them and treat them with love from our hearts.

In this community, we are all somewhere in our accent to higher consciousness, healthier and holistic living, and creating a new earth. 

No one is below or above me, or you. 

When I judge other moms, which I have done much of, it's my reminder that what I’m seeing reflects my own insecurity and judgement of myself. 

If I held the belief that I am whole, worthy, and didn’t need to be any different to what I am, I would have no space for the judgement of others.

I would know that the process is unfolding for each soul exactly as it should.

It is by the judgement of our own selves that creates the fertile soil that grows judgement of others.

This is why I feel so grateful to have a community and platform to share what I feel and know, in a way that is, hopefully, supportive and loving. 

The more life experience that I get, the more I realize that we are all on our way back home.

Back to wholeness.

Back to remembering who we really are and the ancient ways that support our growth and evolution. 

So rather than pushing people to change, tripping them up with judgement, or shunning them, we link arms and hold them in our hearts remembering that being human is what we all came here for.

In love and light, 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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