Let's Detox

The Greatest Wealth is Health

Join Me In YOUR Movement Towards Optimal Health!! 



Let's Detox

14 Day Clean Eating Detox!!!

Choose to create a happier & healthier you for the New Year! Start your New Year off right! Forget dieting and learn how to eat real, whole, clean food for life! This is a lifestyle not a diet! Dive in and begin your journey to optimal wellness. This is the time to invest in yourself, stop dieting, and create a healthy habits for life!!

Stress Management

Chronic stress is a silent killer. Stress makes us sad, stupid and sick. Learn about the tools we bring to our client's lives to combat this modern epidemic. increasing vitality, productivity, contentment, and focus. 


Nutritional Guidance

Food is medicine. We move clients from ultra processed nutrient deficient foods to consuing real, whole,and nutrient dense foods. Connecting our clients to support they need to be successful!  


We are made to move. Encouraging clients to move more and in a way they love and motivates them is key! We offer personal and group yoga and fitness classes, custom  fitness events, and connect clients with local resources to support their long term fitness goals. 


Feeling like shit isn't normal. 

Feeling healthy, vibrant, strong, and happy is our birthright. 

Join me to reclaim your birthright now. 

Join us in our 14 Day Clean Eating Detox!! 

I'm Ready to Detox!

Meet our team!

Get to know the people of Hippie Moms:

Becky Wells

Founder of Hippie Moms
Dedicated to Changing the World,           One Bite at a Time
Makes Shit Happen 
Certified Yoga Instructor
Health and Wellness Advocate 

Michelle Gulbas

Founder of Eat Well With Michelle Certified Holistic Health Coach
Real Food Advocate
Consultant and Guide to Hippie Moms


Scott R. Wells

Digital Marketing Strategist 
Head of Marketing
Founder of The Conversion Formula


Find out more about the new Detox Program for 2019!


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