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The only time you can change your life is now. Stop procrastinating and join me to learn how to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that works for you!

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Clean Eating Programs!

Diets suck. They don’t work and are not sustainable. I don’t believe in diets. I believe in teaching people how to advocate for themselves. My programs are developed to teach you how to source food free of harmful toxins and chemicals (that make us fat), reset the body and bring it back to a state of balance, and integrate movement and stress management.

14-Day Clean Eating Detox

Complete program for only $134.47

Brain fog? Fatigue? Anxiety?

This program is ideal for anyone who struggles with cravings, mood swings, or simply needs a whole body cleanse.

Our focus is to eliminate all inflammatory foods, provide the body with nutrient-dense whole foods, heal the gut, and jump start the detox and healing process... without starvation!!





14-Day Gut Reset

 ONLY $47.74!!

This simple and straightforward program is designed for even the most confused person striving to change the way they eat and nourish their body. 

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to invest in your health? If not, this program is not for you. 

This is a 14-day commitment. We will focus on nourishing our bodies with real, whole, clean food. Our focus will be on supporting our gut health which in turn positively impacts our immune and overall health! 

We have an innate ability to heal, and nourishing your body with the right food is key! 


Detoxify Your Food & Eat Real

Get it today for $74.47 

It is estimated that more than half the foods American’s eat are “Ultra-Processed” or nutrient deficient and filled with chemicals that don’t belong in the human body. It’s obvious when you look around and see the severe health issues in over 40% of the total population in this country. This growing crisis is fueled by the complete lack of understanding of what to eat and how to source and create food that is nourishing to our bodies, and actually provide it with the building blocks it needs!

In this course you will discover how to read labels, avoid the most common chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, fillers, gums and other toxins that are allowed in our food but wreak havoc on our health! You’ll also get tons of recipes and resources to begin TODAY in your journey towards the optimal version of you!



Hippie Mom's Guide to Clean Eating

ONLY $38.00

A 94-page guide that gives you everything you need to know to shift your diet from junk processed foods towards real, whole, nutrient-rich foods! You'll learn:

1. What chemicals, foods and food-like products to avoid.

2. How to read ingredient lists and navigate the grocery store like a boss.

3. What foods to eat and top food sourcing tips!

4. How to best source fish and meat products.

5. TONS grocery and meal planning resources to keep you on track.

6. SO much more!

This guide is perfect for you if you are new to this lifestyle and are ready to change the way you feed yourself and your family


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