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The Divine Feminine - Poem | Podcast

deep thoughts poem Jun 27, 2024

Dear beautiful Child of Light, 

What a gift to send you this message. I just love and adore all of you. 

I have just published a new podcast, titled Awakening the Divine Feminine where I share with you how toxic femininity has poisoned us into people pleasing, excessive attachment and control, deep insecurity, and constant mental agony. 

The time is now to reclaim this divine power and awaken to its benevolent force within us. I hope you listen in... 

I also read this poem at the end of the episode, and since many of you won't listen to the podcast, I want to share it here. 

Divine Mother
I sit in your womb.
Light hidden from my breath.
Uncertainty raptures my mind.
Fear of the birth
and the transmutation of the delusive beliefs I hold.
I linger in the void of darkness.

Tell me why I must feel fear.
Deep unworthiness rooted in each and every thought.
I eat crumbs off the floor.
Rags cover my sick and abandoned body.
I weep...

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Guarded Heart... a poem

poem Jan 27, 2023

My beautiful soul sister, 

Today I share with a you a poem that recently came though, called Guarded Heart. 

I suggest listening to the reading of this poem as you close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. 

Guarded Heart

Guarded heart,
seduced by fear.
Alone and separate
from what you hold most dear.

Guarded heart,
unclench your hold.
Let the light pour in
be courageous, be bold.

Allow this moment
to fill the void.
The longing for love, and
the longing for joy.

Break down the walls
that confine your light.
Freedom awaits you.
It’s time to take flight.

Guarded heart
craving connection as
the river of love
moves in your direction.

Open your gates.
Unlock your doors.
Let the love flow in.
You were meant for more.

Guarded heart,
take a chance.
Let it move through you.
Let your body dance.

Trust that you are safe.
Trust that you held.
As the great hand of divinity
guides you out of your cell.

Open just a little,
as much as you can.
Awakening to
the divine plan.


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Just a little poem...

poem Oct 14, 2022


Slow down mama,
there is no where to go. 
The mind is taking you 
far away from your flow.

Come back to the moment
and breathe it in.
Stay right here
and let love come in. 

Attune to your heart. 
Connect back to earth.
Stand firm on your feet. 
Stand in your worth.

For only love is real, 
all else is an illusion. 
Keeping you separate
And living in confusion. 

So close your eyes.
Still your mind.
Focus your attention,
your life, divinely designed.

You are exactly where
you are meant to be.
So when life feels rushed
remember you're already free. 

Slow down mama, 
there is no where to go. 
Move back into this moment
And just let it all go. 


I love you, 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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My Poem to Humanity

conscious living poem Aug 30, 2021
I'm so grateful to be a conduit for this poem, it's called... 
Wake up from your slumber.
Wake up from your slumber
Tossing and turning
In insanity
Forces control you
Like puppets on strings
Do you not see
Only suffering it brings
Feeding you poison
Consuming the lies
Media bought by Darkness
Your programmed soul cries
Obey and be good
Do not ask
Shut your mouth
Put on your mask
Foolish obedience
Of the walking dead
The perfect breeding ground
For any virus to spread
Fluoride in your water
To dumb us down
Don’t think for yourself
Just follow the clowns
Risk my health
To take care of you
But isn’t that your job?
Or, are you responsible for me too?
Segregate and discriminate
Civil war is their goal
Turn the people upon themselves
This will ensure their control
Believe the lies
And live in hell
Or perhaps
There is another narrative to tell
Open your mind
Open your eyes
For through...
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