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The Divine Feminine - Poem | Podcast

deep thoughts poem Jun 27, 2024

Dear beautiful Child of Light, 

What a gift to send you this message. I just love and adore all of you. 

I have just published a new podcast, titled Awakening the Divine Feminine where I share with you how toxic femininity has poisoned us into people pleasing, excessive attachment and control, deep insecurity, and constant mental agony. 

The time is now to reclaim this divine power and awaken to its benevolent force within us. I hope you listen in... 

I also read this poem at the end of the episode, and since many of you won't listen to the podcast, I want to share it here. 

Divine Mother
I sit in your womb.
Light hidden from my breath.
Uncertainty raptures my mind.
Fear of the birth
and the transmutation of the delusive beliefs I hold.
I linger in the void of darkness.

Tell me why I must feel fear.
Deep unworthiness rooted in each and every thought.
I eat crumbs off the floor.
Rags cover my sick and abandoned body.
I weep of the separation from you.
My heart ravaged by hungry wolves.

Why must I feel this pain?
Drenched in suffering and shame.
I cannot move in this cage.
My body aches in the throes of agony.
I cry to the heavens for release.
I hear nothing in return.

As death and loss lurk in the shadows,
Taunting me with mortality
And that of those who I love most.
I have no more tears to cry.
I have nowhere to go.

Stagnant and unfulfilled,
My head buried in resentment.
Earth swallows me whole
I choke on lifeless soil.
Eyes bloodshot unable to clear the obstruction of my delusion.
I ache to know the infinite.
Show me myself
The truth of who I am.
Let me glimpse of my power.
and the possibility of my becoming.

Divine Mother
come into my heart.
Burn away my doubt with your fierce fire.
Carve out the burden of my grief.
Allow the edges of my truth and authenticity to be revealed.
Guide me back to the deep well of your love.
So I may drink the wine of Queens.
Let me become drunk in reverence for life, for you.
May I fall over in laughter as I grip the hand of my beloved.

Hold me in grace.
As I unearth the underbelly of my illusions 
Depart your wisdom as I become unhinged.
And my wounds of secrets revealed.
Let the veil of separation be torn into pieces.
and the heaviness of the past
become weightless in my presence.
Transform my misconceptions with your divine intelligence.
Teach me to come empty and open my humble heart. 

May I become a clear conduit of your light.
Shining into the cosmos with no apologies
Fully may I embody the treasures I bring and
Become the current for your love to flow into the world.

Dear child, how could you know your light without the darkness?
How could you know the great expansion without contraction?
Only then can you see the depth of your love.
and feel the truth of who you really are.

Dear child,
Always will I be by side.
Never have I left or forsaken you.
Always, I am anchored in your heart.
I am the breath you breathe.
I am the stillness you seek.
I am the truth of the infinite.
I am the sacred divine feminine.
Manifested though you.
Welcome home.  

May we all awaken to this sacred power within us. 

Until we connect again, 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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