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The Journey of the Soul

deep Aug 28, 2023

My beautiful, beautiful friend, 

I'm so grateful to share with you today my creative translation and expression of what I believe the journey of the soul to be.

A mystical and magical voyage into the dense energetic field of earth so that we can learn the truth of who we are. 

I dive into this expression in the most recent episode of The Hippie Moms Podcast but felt called to share it with those who prefer to read, rather than listen. 

Of course, I highly recommend listening to the podcast as I add much more flare and insight to this writing. 

You can start streaming episode 152 here or just keep reading.... 

The Journey of the Soul
by Becky Wells

The soul yearns for adventure.

Listen to the audio version of just this post here....

It’s cosmic and curious nature longs to experience all that life on earth offers.

It conspires with the unseen to be hidden from the truth, from itself, so that it can know the truth,...

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