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Our Cage.

deep thoughts Apr 16, 2024
Hippie Moms
Our Cage.

In the damp dingy darkness, she yells out a guttural cry. 

Weak and broken, she adjusts herself once again with no relief.

Her joints ache from being deprived of space and having no room to stretch her legs. 

Scraps thrown between the bars; a deep hunger moves her to collect every morsel and she shoves it into her mouth.

Her teeth are rotted, and her hair is falling out.

The cage has once again grown too small for her. 

The bars rub on her skin and infected wounds torment her with vicious pain. 

She looks up with bloodshot eyes and no more tears to cry, she screams, "WHY MUST IT BE THIS WAY?" 

Her voice rings in my ears as I wake up with in a puddle of sweat. 

Shaken, I sit up and take deep breaths. 

My heart is beating quickly and my mouth is dry. 

I clumsily grab the glass of water and bring it to my mouth as it spills onto my chest. 

 "Are you okay?" I hear my husband whisper. 

"Yes, just a dream, go back to bed love." I reply.

Feeling the resonance of this horrifying scene, I direct my mind into my breath. 

I breathe in, "I am the breath" I say in my mind's eye. 

I breath out, "I am the stillness." 

I breath in, "I am the breath."

I breath out, "I am the stillness."

Repeating this mantra, I deepen each inhale and exhale, eventually I find myself calm and my nervous system settled. 

Soon I begin to think about the dream again and realize that I was transported into the flames of the feminine. 

As I dive deeper into myself, I notice my dreams have become more vivid and sheer reflections of my subconscious. 

Immediately I recognize the deep-rooted beliefs rising to the surface. 

They are programs we operate on day in and day out. 

I pray and ask that the message I'm supposed to receive will be clearly revealed to me. 

Before I even complete my prayer, the story of Eve surges in my memory. 

From the beginning of time, she was to blame for the fall of man. 

The one who took the forbidden knowledge, and the cause of shame and fear. 

The one who is to blame for the suffering of humanity and separation from God. 

I quickly get the feeling of how misunderstood this story is. 

"Is it even true?" I ask myself. 

I start to see clearly how this story laid the foundation for the wounded feminine. 

Her power thwarted in the stories that fill minds of men, she locks herself in a cage of unworthiness. 

It was the story that set the stage for those who refused to be oppressed, so they were burned at the stakes. 

Unbalanced and broken, she cannot see her preciousness and worthiness. 

The patriarch rules over her and she becomes simply property. 

Too much for anyone, her sensuality, sexuality, and freedom were cast aside and demonized. 

According to the origins of sexism, Men came into rule 12,000 years ago. 

A common tactic for men to remain in power was that sheer fact that men spent their lives in the group they were born into, whereas females were forced to leave their families early in adolescence to join new families. 

This same tactic used for slaves. 

Placed into groups of people they had no connection with, they had to mold themselves to survive. 

It's no secret, that we are ruled by the misplaced power of men. 

Look at our government, high profile jobs, and the strings that pull at them.  

Yet, I do not blame them, for they too are products of a broken society that is built on the imbalance of the feminine and masculine energies. 

Men too suffer just as we do. 

It is no mystery that human history has been ruled by aggressive and powerful religious forces. 

In many cases, traces of conquered society's religious writings, practices, icons, and buildings were destroyed in the name of evil. 

If one's beliefs do not match up to another's then that is reason enough to decimate them from the surface of the earth. 

How ignorant humans have been and can be. 

Just as Jesus's 12 women disciples were wiped from our biblical history, so were many of the books that held women in high regards and portrayed their strength and influence during the great times that founded the world we live in. 

A deep understanding filled my head, and I sat in the quiet of the early morning hours to process the dream. 

It was as if I could see the construction of the cage that we all as women sit in. 

No, we are not all literally starving in a cage too small for us to fit, but we are in a cage that the violent history of women has built for us.  

A cage constructed of insecurity, unworthiness, inauthenticity, people-pleasing, victimhood, manipulation, co-dependency, lack of boundaries, gossip, negativity, helplessness, and stifled creativity.

Yet, in our hands we hold a key to our freedom. 

Nothing outside of us will ever set us free. 

We are the keepers of our authentic power. 

Why don't we know this? 

We have been programmed by those who have been programmed, by those who have been programmed, by those who have been programmed. 

There is no one to blame for our suffering and it is not our fault. 

Yet, it is our responsibility to set afire these deep-rooted beliefs that keep us in our cages. 

I hear clearly what I must bring to this community as I sit in the silence of my mind. 

It is as if a great voice from beyond the cosmos speaks to my consciousness with the most gentle, loving and graceful energy. 

I feel the pull of my heart into the bosom of the Holy Mother. 

For she too has been forsaken in this world. 

She speaks, "It is time for the divine feminine to be awakened within all who live on earth, for all beings crave the balance of the masculine and feminine energies within them." 

I feel what only I can describe is what it would be like to live in the bliss of this balance.  

Overtaken with joy, I ask humbly ask, "What would it feel like to embody the divine feminine?"

My cells begin to vibrate, and I sense the most beautiful blue light entering into each one.

I hear, "Can you imagine the most radiant and authentic version of you? Can you feel what it would be like to live in no need to rush, people please, or give your power away to anyone or anything? You are an abundant and fertile creatrix connected deeply to me. Radiant being, your truth and power are ready to be claimed." 

Tears run down my eyes. 

I've only dreamed and prayed of this wisdom. 

I wrap my arms around myself and feel the little child within me giddy in joy. 

My heart feels as if it opened, and the walls have tumbled into oblivion. 

Complete trust in the divine Mother raptures me and I feel held, loved, and at the most ease I have ever felt. 

I know immediately that my intuition that has long been covered with the voices of the world has been liberated. 

No longer will I suppress the ancient wisdom that flows through me. 

No longer will I doubt myself and my truth. 

No longer will I adjust myself for the perceived benefit of another. 

I will stand in my power and reclaim my divinity. 

I then begin to feel deep compassion for my fellow sisters still caged in the shadows. 

I weep softly and pray for their liberation too.

"My child, you must know that the only thing you must do is bring your authentic light to the world, in this you will awaken the light within others and inspire them to do the same."

Then a dense energy arises in my belly, and I hear, "Know too that you will also be cast aside for sharing the truth of what you know deeply in your being, let this move and allow each person's truth to be their own. You have nothing to prove."

The energy is lifted from my body and again I feel held like a baby in their mother's arms. 

I feel the most profound gratitude and I vow to serve her light and do everything in my power to awaken it within those who are ready to use the key in their hand to unlock their cage. 

Stay tuned. 

In the advocation of all of our liberation, 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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