Luvele Yogurt Maker

This is the Luvele yogurt maker, and it is magic! I've been making yogurt for over a year and it has changed my and my family's lives! 

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Fullscript: High-Quality Supplements Right at your Fingertips 

Are you in need of high-quality supplements? As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I offer my clients access to the highest quality supplements I can find! YOU also get 15% off retail pricing. You can set up your very own account and access it any time you want! 

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Crunchi: Nontoxic and Certified Organic Makeup 

There is such little  regulation in the cosmetics industry that the US FDA permits companies to use toxic chemicals known to be harmful in their products! Chemicals linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, immunotoxicity, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, and many other health concerns! 

Crunchi is a revolutionary line of high-performance, safe, and toxin-free cosmetics that are redefining beauty. You no longer have to compromise your health for your beauty! 

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Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted Wine

Do you know what's in your wine? There is NO regulation on what is allowed to be added to wine. Scout & Cellar only sells wine that has no pesticides, GMO's added sugar or sulfites, or any other chemicals that can create toxicity in your body! This is the only wine I will ever consume! 

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Pluck Organ-Based Seasoning 

I use this daily!!! This seasoning is a super simple and VERY delicious way to increase the nutritional value of everything you eat! 

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Young Living - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

Essential oils are a huge part of my family's wellness regime. They are powerful plant molecules that support our body's regenerative process. I love Young Living as they practice legit sourcing, growing, and soul regenerative methods. Their mission is to uplift and enhance lives around the world through nature’s living energy—essential oils.

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Slavo Salt Seasonings 

These seasonings will blow you away. Small business owned by amazing people, created in small batches with quality ingredients (no weird preservatives or additives). We use them to season ALL of our clean meats, roasted and sauteed veggies, and salad dressings. You can literally use these for all your savory cooking needs! 

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Biohm- High-Quality Gut Healing Products 

A legit company whose mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their health through solutions that harness the power of microbiome data.

Biohm is heavily invested in scientific research and creates quality products to support gut health.

I LOVE these products! Especially the Super Kids Superfoods! 


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Kombucha Kamp - 

Interested in brewing your own Kombucha? This is the only resource you need!

This site has kits, supplies, information, and recipes so you can begin creating your very own magic tonic! 

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Omnia Radiation Balancer

With the roll-out of 5G and our continuous exposure to human created electromagnetic fields (EMFS), our bodies are bombarded with frequencies that disrupt the natural balance and energetic frequency required for us to feel balance and centered.

These imbalanced frequencies cause stress and disrupt the natural rhythms of the human body. 

Omnia has created science-backed products that balance man-made wireless radiation fields around the body, minimizing EMFs negative effects and harmonizing the frequencies in and around the body. 

USE CODE: HIPPIEMOMS for a 10% discount on ALL products! 

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Upgraded Formulas Hair Tests-

Curious what minerals, the basic building blocks, your body needs to be optimal or what heavy metals may be holding you back from living a full life? 

Upgraded Formulas offers a profound hair test and consultation to help you discover where you are and what you need so that your body can do what it is here to do... heal! 

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Upgraded Formulas -Stabilized Nano Minerals

Not only are our soils depleted, absorption continues to be a major issue for people trying to get what they need to live optimally! Upgraded formulas has created high-quality and affordable minerals that require NO DIGESTION! Provided in nano-sized particles, they are easily absorbable by the body! Stop wasting your money and get your body what it needs, high-quality and easily absorbable minerals. These are a game-changer! 

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EMF Rocks

Repel EMF's, ground, and recharge your energy field with these magnetic, Tesla crystals. These rocks help minimize EMF toxicity and bring your energy field into harmony and coherence. 

Use in doctors' offices and 

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