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The Journey of the Soul

deep Aug 28, 2023

My beautiful, beautiful friend, 

I'm so grateful to share with you today my creative translation and expression of what I believe the journey of the soul to be.

A mystical and magical voyage into the dense energetic field of earth so that we can learn the truth of who we are. 

I dive into this expression in the most recent episode of The Hippie Moms Podcast but felt called to share it with those who prefer to read, rather than listen. 

Of course, I highly recommend listening to the podcast as I add much more flare and insight to this writing. 

You can start streaming episode 152 here or just keep reading.... 

The Journey of the Soul
by Becky Wells

The soul yearns for adventure.

Listen to the audio version of just this post here....

It’s cosmic and curious nature longs to experience all that life on earth offers.

It conspires with the unseen to be hidden from the truth, from itself, so that it can know the truth, so that it can know itself.

Without duality or contrast it could never fully see the depths of its valiancy. 

Dazzling in ecstasy with each step of growth, evolution, and deeper knowledge of love, the soul celebrates every great epiphany and every quaver of fear.

The human condition captivates its ingenious force and explodes it into the dense energetic field of earth.

As it breaks free from the mother womb, it cries and exclaims its presence and intricate purpose in the infinite narrative of life.

Choosing to forget, it moves with discombobulation scouring the earth to find something, someone, anything, that will mend the wound of separation from its source.

Separation from its mother.

Separation from God. 

Swirling and whirling, it forgets the divine and pure nature of itself to dive deep into the depths of the shadows.

In darkness and agony, it cries out to feel safe, nourished, and loved.

When it cannot hear an answer or call, anguish fills the heart.

The world’s hallucinations and harrowing illusions confuse the embodiment of the soul in human form, dimming the portals of life force that flow into the miraculous body it inhabits.

Too bright and too loud for a small dull world, it feels shunned and repelled by the reality in which it exists.

So, walls are built, and defense is taken.

Weapons and masks are created to hide the luminous glimmers of authentic expression.

It's suffering and pain are projected upon and sours the ones it loves most. 

The egoic mind buries its claws deep into the pure psyche and fuels the belief of separation and suffering.

When suffering becomes too much to bear, the soul plots its accent back to harmony and back to love. 

Courageously it reaches deep inside and cries out “I am ready to know myself. I am ready to know who I am and to come empty and humble so that I may be filled up by the great Spirit and divine light that I long for, that I have always longed for.”

For deep within there is a knowing that this divine and sacred light is a birthright.

Awakening to the truth that every word, thought, and action is a prayer calling those expressions back to itself, it is now ready to walk the winding and enchanted road home.

Ready to take full responsibility for its creations and also the beliefs it holds that were constructed by the shadows.

With nowhere to go, it goes in.

Into the inner world.

No longer making the excuse to stay fixated on distractions and external noise, it fearlessly enters the quiet haven that has patiently awaited its presence.    

“Why have I waited so long?”, It asks itself as it curls up in the comfort of this holy space.

Prayer and stillness become its sanctuary.

Now available to watch and witness the egoic mind that runs rampant and causes chaos to no end, it embodies a commanding presence, and patiently grounds the incessant and irresponsible mind back into its place, as an ally and a trusted friend.

With spacious awareness, it can now hear the beat of the heart, innately knowing that this is where all wisdom of the moment resides and arises from.

Understanding now more than ever that the raging mind will never offer peace, solutions, or inspiration, it sits in the seat of the observer, calmly and diligently attuning it back to the breath and the beat of the heart. 

In the stillness, serendipitous and mystic messages begin to flood it with the remembering of home.

No longer rushing to nowhere, it sits in place, opening the portals of love to flow in.

The tranquil quality of the body allows the light to seep into every cell and harmonizes it back to the truth, back to love.

The brilliance of the body is activated and attuned to the higher frequencies of the light that has shown its way in. 

Holding an intelligence that no man will figure out, the body too awakens from the dream and remembers it's magnificent quest as a vibrant, energetic, and radiant vessel for the soul to journey in. 

In this surrender it feels all that life reveals to it.

No longer bypassing the sensations of the feelings it has been running from, it stares them dead in the eye and now proclaims that the energy be set free.

With confidence and in complete allowance it embraces the unfolding of the soul’s lessons it dreams of knowing.

It sets down the heavy and burdensome baggage of judgement and fear.

Grace and gratitude become its constant companions and links arms to be led back to the remembrance and realization that everything it has been searching for has always been within.   

Slowing the speed of life each time it comes home to the heart, it attunes to the ever-present moment, savoring the sweet and miraculous nectar of all unfolding of life.

In its discovery that life was never about being happy, it realizes that in fact it was designed to journey back to remembering that it is already whole.

Just as it is.

No changes.

No different.

Now each step in the soul's journey is filled with the knowing that the mystery of life no longer poses a threat, rather it is the home of its spiritual army who constantly has it’s back.

In gratitude and recognition of all the lessons, struggles, and shadows it now sees how it prevailed.

How the amnesia it chose to take on, was the greatest gift of all.

We must forget to remember.

The egoic mind creates the forgetting and the soul reveals the remembering. 

The remembrance can only be touched in the space between the thoughts.

Now the soul, encoded with unwavering trust, builds the foundation of which pure joy and ecstasy can pour into each and every step it takes.

No longer does it seek to quench its thirst from a far-off river, for it has found the fountain of endless and infinite holy water within it. 

It can now drink itself back to love and be so filled up that it pours out into the world around it. 

Shining it's authentic and star-coded light so bright it becomes a lighthouse for others lost in the forgetting. 

Just existing becomes ecstasy and life becomes a clear and spacious canvas for which it can create the divine work of the soul.  

What a gift it is to see the perspective of the soul and to know that all that we are, all that we have been, and all that we are becoming is part of the greater divine plan. 

May stillness and prayer become your sanctuary so that you can touch upon and know the light that you are. 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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