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How Transformation Looks

My beautiful friend, 

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It's been a transformational time for me and I'm wondering if you too have noticed big shifts happening in your life, or those around you? 

Episode 143 on the Hippie Moms Podcast talks all about How Transformation Looks...Caterpillar Soup and may support you as you too journey into uncharted territory. 

I have been in contact with so many of my dear friends and family who are all transforming big time. 

In some way it makes what I'm moving through a little bit easier because I know I'm not alone and I want you to know that you are not alone. 

We can analyze why all these things are happening and fixate on what it all means, but if we take a simpler and less stressful way to view it is that it's all part of the divine plan. 

Things always move and unfold for us as the desires of the heart are heard by a larger intelligence. 

Things must move to make space for what...

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This is what you are, Mama.

conscious living Jun 09, 2022

Hey beautiful, 

One morning this past winter I went in to wake my boys up for school. 


My eldest didn't look so well. 

The whites of his eyes were red and he had bags under his eyes. 

"Mom, I don't feel so good," he said. 

He told me his stomach and head hurt. 

I knew right away this wasn't a scheme to miss school and watch TV all day long. 

I felt his head and he was hot. 

Fevers are the body's defense mechanism to help it heal and fight the infection that's happening in the body. 

One of the worst things we can do it stop it.

[Read more about why and how to treat fevers naturally here.] 

I drew him a bath, put some salts in, and plopped him in with a cold wet town upon his forehead. 

He lay in the tub still and quietly moaning. 

My heart hurt. 

No mother ever wants to see her baby in pain. 

Thankfully I trusted that I could take care of him and I...

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What Race are we Running?

Hello Sunshine, 

I saw this posted on Instagram. 

It reminds me of years ago when I was in a race. 


A race to get healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. 

I had no idea that I was racing against myself. 

For so long I felt like I was just trying to keep up with the world. 

My mind was flooded with to-dos and overwhelmed with self-criticism. 

I could never live up to my own expectations. 

I was hyper-focused on keeping up my image and social media and trying not to drown in my habitual and negative thinking. 

I would rush through everything. 

It was like I had very little time to do anything and everything. 

I always felt overwhelmed and lived in my manic monkey mind. 

Running myself ragged took its toll on my body, my relationships, and especially my relationship with myself. 

My kids were suffering from all this rushing. 

You can see this rushed energy everywhere. 

The rush to...

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The Rudest Customer of the Day

Hello Generous Soul,

I think it's easy to forget the good in the world. 


So many of us get wrapped up in what's not working that we can't even see the beauty of life around us. 

The news, social media, maybe our neighbors and family tend to focus on reporting fear, illusions, and scarcity. 

BREAKING NEWS always happening, media manipulating the masses into mass psychosis who have forgotten reality and see through a fuzzy and filthy lens. 

Then we take our annoyed, frustrated, and scared personalities into the world and project it upon everyone else we forget that the veil of fear is easily taken off so that the truth can be revealed.

The truth that love is only what is real. 

I'm reading one of my favorite books, so far, by Jack Kornfield, The Wise Heart, A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology. 

It was recommended to me by my youngest's guide at school. 

Does that ever happen to you?

That you...

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My Poem to Humanity

conscious living poem Aug 30, 2021
I'm so grateful to be a conduit for this poem, it's called... 
Wake up from your slumber.
Wake up from your slumber
Tossing and turning
In insanity
Forces control you
Like puppets on strings
Do you not see
Only suffering it brings
Feeding you poison
Consuming the lies
Media bought by Darkness
Your programmed soul cries
Obey and be good
Do not ask
Shut your mouth
Put on your mask
Foolish obedience
Of the walking dead
The perfect breeding ground
For any virus to spread
Fluoride in your water
To dumb us down
Don’t think for yourself
Just follow the clowns
Risk my health
To take care of you
But isn’t that your job?
Or, are you responsible for me too?
Segregate and discriminate
Civil war is their goal
Turn the people upon themselves
This will ensure their control
Believe the lies
And live in hell
Or perhaps
There is another narrative to tell
Open your mind
Open your eyes
For through...
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conscious living Jul 07, 2020


We look at matter as solid or whole, but did you know that everything that we see in the material world is comprised of 99.9999999% EMPTY space?

The human eye can only see .0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our eyes are wondrous... but they have fundamental limits to what we can see. Humans are basically blind! We cannot conceive of all that is. It's impossible.

Not only do we not see all that is, our perceptions, a remarkable phenomenon, specifically shape our view of the world. Our perceptions distort reality as you observe the world through your self-made filters (past experiences, belief systems, and circumstances).

When we can truly understand how everyone sees things differently, we can cultivate compassion and understanding for other's views we don't agree with!

This is an important and relevant topic in our world today! SO much polarity and fear, it's VITAL we see through the illusion and seek OUR truth and allow the truth of other's to be just...

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