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My Poem to Humanity

conscious living poem Aug 30, 2021
I'm so grateful to be a conduit for this poem, it's called... 
Wake up from your slumber.
Wake up from your slumber
Tossing and turning
In insanity
Forces control you
Like puppets on strings
Do you not see
Only suffering it brings
Feeding you poison
Consuming the lies
Media bought by Darkness
Your programmed soul cries
Obey and be good
Do not ask
Shut your mouth
Put on your mask
Foolish obedience
Of the walking dead
The perfect breeding ground
For any virus to spread
Fluoride in your water
To dumb us down
Don’t think for yourself
Just follow the clowns
Risk my health
To take care of you
But isn’t that your job?
Or, are you responsible for me too?
Segregate and discriminate
Civil war is their goal
Turn the people upon themselves
This will ensure their control
Believe the lies
And live in hell
Or perhaps
There is another narrative to tell
Open your mind
Open your eyes
For through...
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conscious living Jul 07, 2020


We look at matter as solid or whole, but did you know that everything that we see in the material world is comprised of 99.9999999% EMPTY space?

The human eye can only see .0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our eyes are wondrous... but they have fundamental limits to what we can see. Humans are basically blind! We cannot conceive of all that is. It's impossible.

Not only do we not see all that is, our perceptions, a remarkable phenomenon, specifically shape our view of the world. Our perceptions distort reality as you observe the world through your self-made filters (past experiences, belief systems, and circumstances).

When we can truly understand how everyone sees things differently, we can cultivate compassion and understanding for other's views we don't agree with!

This is an important and relevant topic in our world today! SO much polarity and fear, it's VITAL we see through the illusion and seek OUR truth and allow the truth of other's to be just...

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