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How Transformation Looks

My beautiful friend, 

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It's been a transformational time for me and I'm wondering if you too have noticed big shifts happening in your life, or those around you? 

Episode 143 on the Hippie Moms Podcast talks all about How Transformation Looks...Caterpillar Soup and may support you as you too journey into uncharted territory. 

I have been in contact with so many of my dear friends and family who are all transforming big time. 

In some way it makes what I'm moving through a little bit easier because I know I'm not alone and I want you to know that you are not alone. 

We can analyze why all these things are happening and fixate on what it all means, but if we take a simpler and less stressful way to view it is that it's all part of the divine plan. 

Things always move and unfold for us as the desires of the heart are heard by a larger intelligence. 

Things must move to make space for what is truly for us, but it can be scary. 

As we move to what's meant for us, it can feel uncertain, out of control, and chaotic.

Losing a job, a relationship, a loved one. Maybe our kids are moving into new phases or realizing that the things that we used to love to do, no longer align with us. 

The paradox of transformation is that it can feel messy and discombobulating, yet it guides and leads to deeper harmony in our lives.  

Take nature for example. 

When you walk in the forest do you see pruned trees, clear paths, uniform or landscaped gardens? 


You see what many humans my call messy, out of order, and chaotic. 

Yet, nature does not view it's masterpieces through these ignorant lenses, the same lenses we sometimes use to view our own lives through. 

"Nature never hurries, yet all is accomplished" spoken by Lao Tzu, truly encapsulates the nature of nature. 

It's an ever expanding, growing, and evolving force guided by an invisible and energetic field of intelligence. 

Nature is harmony. 

We are nature and our nature is harmony.

Yet, we can spend most of our life resisting the constant transformation back to harmony.

Just as we spend time landscaping our yards, killing plants we judge as weeds, and keep nature from doing it's thing, we resist true nature. 


I'm not implying to never mow your lawn or plant your flowers. 

What I'm pointing to is the pure fact that life is messy, and the more we try to make it perfect, and look perfect to others, the more we work against the most powerful force that is behind all of our eyes. 

What if instead we focused on the messiness of life, and viewed it from the lens of perfection? 

Willing to shift our perception so drastically, that life's continuous unfolding, instead evoking fear for what's to come, becomes an exciting mystery to be in awe with.

I get that suddenly changing the way our mind works is not as simple. 

Our programs and mindsets run deep. 

Transformation can transpire in a moment or take place over decades of our lives and the most powerful thing we can do to support ourselves through all of life's unfolding, is consistently taking steps to raise our vibration so that what we magnetize to us, can reflect that higher and more refined frequency that we want to experience. 

For example joy is one of the highest emotional vibrations.

Shame and fear, the lowest. 

What we feel is what we call to us. 

We are constantly magnetizing to us what we are. 

Just like the quote says above, "The Universe doesn't care about what we want, it cares about what we are.". 

We are constantly magnetizing to us more of what we are. 

If we exist in fear and shame, that's what we get more of. 

If we choose genuine gratitude we get to feel more joy. 

It's the law of attraction and the law of the universe. 

The most simplest place to start is to raise our vibration. 

I can attest that it doesn't take much to raise our vibration, but it does take consistency and a genuine expression of the vibration you are calling into your life in order receive it. 

There are so many beautiful and simple things we can do to increase the vibration of our body and mind. 

This is the journey I'm asking you to join me on.

This is where we are going from here. 

Join me as we discover, integrate, and attune our cells to a lighter way of living. 

We are going to explore simple habits, food, daily practices, and I'll get to share with you all the things that have supported me on my path back to harmony and back to my truest nature. 

Travel with me into the portal of becoming our most authentic and optimal selves, by simply raising our vibration together. 

I don't know everything and I hope you don't either, so we can ride this wave of life together with open heart and open mind...because when we raise our own vibration we raise the vibration of the world, for our children and their children.  

Stay tuned for more of the unfolding. 

In so much love and light, 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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