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conscious living Jul 07, 2020


We look at matter as solid or whole, but did you know that everything that we see in the material world is comprised of 99.9999999% EMPTY space?

The human eye can only see .0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our eyes are wondrous... but they have fundamental limits to what we can see. Humans are basically blind! We cannot conceive of all that is. It's impossible.

Not only do we not see all that is, our perceptions, a remarkable phenomenon, specifically shape our view of the world. Our perceptions distort reality as you observe the world through your self-made filters (past experiences, belief systems, and circumstances).

When we can truly understand how everyone sees things differently, we can cultivate compassion and understanding for other's views we don't agree with!

This is an important and relevant topic in our world today! SO much polarity and fear, it's VITAL we see through the illusion and seek OUR truth and allow the truth of other's to be just that, their truth.

WE cannot see things the same, but we can hold space for others to have their own opinions and perceptions!!! It's silly to try and change the way other people think... especially through negativity, fear, and judgmental words.

The beautiful thing is when we understand this simple truth, we no longer take ANYTHING personally! We allow everyone their own truth along, since it has NOTHING to do with us anyway!

We than can become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR by choosing to respond to everything from this knowing. This is true FREEDOM!!!

Our collective unconsciousness is breeding fear and hate. These low vibratory emotions hold us back from living the divine life we all deserve to live. It also suppresses our immune system and brings us into a low vibratory state.

Can you see how there is more than meets the eye?

Shift your focus to awe. Be in awe of your life, of each breath, and opportunity to wake up again each day. Respect the views of others and focus on YOU! This will raise our collective consciousness and shift our world to a more peaceful and compassionate state. It always begins within!

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