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My Poem to Humanity

conscious living poem Aug 30, 2021
I'm so grateful to be a conduit for this poem, it's called... 
Wake up from your slumber.
Wake up from your slumber
Tossing and turning
In insanity
Forces control you
Like puppets on strings
Do you not see
Only suffering it brings
Feeding you poison
Consuming the lies
Media bought by Darkness
Your programmed soul cries
Obey and be good
Do not ask
Shut your mouth
Put on your mask
Foolish obedience
Of the walking dead
The perfect breeding ground
For any virus to spread
Fluoride in your water
To dumb us down
Don’t think for yourself
Just follow the clowns
Risk my health
To take care of you
But isn’t that your job?
Or, are you responsible for me too?
Segregate and discriminate
Civil war is their goal
Turn the people upon themselves
This will ensure their control
Believe the lies
And live in hell
Or perhaps
There is another narrative to tell
Open your mind
Open your eyes
For through this darkness
We will rise
Relinquish the fear
Warriors stand tall
Together we will resist
Their broken systems fall
No true health advice
To keep your immune system strong
All they want
Is for you to play along
Turn off the news
Get into the sun
Feet on the earth
Breathe deep, we are one
Nourish with real food
Hydrate abundantly
Fuel every beautiful cell
Take care of your body
All connected
Unique and the same
We can create this world
Without fear and without shame
Wake up, I urge you
Put down your phone
Go love your family
Be the peace in your home
For if we find stillness
Now and then
We can see this reality
Is simply an illusion
We live to learn
Grow and evolve
Trust yourself fully
You are already absolved
Own your mind
Your body and soul
For you are the creator
You are whole
Take off the shackles
Of your self-created hell
As you hold the key
For a new story to tell
Be the light and inspiration
You are already free
The darkness cannot take us
We were born into liberty
Do not waiver
Stand up for your rights
The power-grabbing conglomerates
Are afraid of our light
Wake up from your slumber
For it is time to embody
Your sovereignty
I hope you like it... and if you don't, that's okay too.
I don't need approval. 
I just want to share. 
I hope it brings you a little sense of peace and inspiration, for the world is begging for it. 

I did a whole podcast on this poem if you want a little more insight and inspiration, you can start streaming it now: CLICK HERE 

In love and divinity, 

Becky Wells :)


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