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Just a little poem...

poem Oct 14, 2022


Slow down mama,
there is no where to go. 
The mind is taking you 
far away from your flow.

Come back to the moment
and breathe it in.
Stay right here
and let love come in. 

Attune to your heart. 
Connect back to earth.
Stand firm on your feet. 
Stand in your worth.

For only love is real, 
all else is an illusion. 
Keeping you separate
And living in confusion. 

So close your eyes.
Still your mind.
Focus your attention,
your life, divinely designed.

You are exactly where
you are meant to be.
So when life feels rushed
remember you're already free. 

Slow down mama, 
there is no where to go. 
Move back into this moment
And just let it all go. 


I love you, 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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