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Guarded Heart... a poem

poem Jan 27, 2023

My beautiful soul sister, 

Today I share with a you a poem that recently came though, called Guarded Heart. 

I suggest listening to the reading of this poem as you close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. 

Guarded Heart

Guarded heart,
seduced by fear.
Alone and separate
from what you hold most dear.

Guarded heart,
unclench your hold.
Let the light pour in
be courageous, be bold.

Allow this moment
to fill the void.
The longing for love, and
the longing for joy.

Break down the walls
that confine your light.
Freedom awaits you.
It’s time to take flight.

Guarded heart
craving connection as
the river of love
moves in your direction.

Open your gates.
Unlock your doors.
Let the love flow in.
You were meant for more.

Guarded heart,
take a chance.
Let it move through you.
Let your body dance.

Trust that you are safe.
Trust that you held.
As the great hand of divinity
guides you out of your cell.

Open just a little,
as much as you can.
Awakening to
the divine plan.

Guarded Heart,
unleash the wrath
of your deep love,
as you walk this path.

Opened heart
seduced by love.
The truth of everything
as below, so above.

Opened heart
the river of love flows
into your sacred vessel
as your trust grows.

Opened heart
beating to a new rhythm.
Shining so bright.
You claim your kingdom.

Held within you
is all you’ve been searching for.
Your home now,
just walk through the door.

Opened heart
you inspire so many
guarded hearts
to open gently.

In perfect timing,
with a deep knowing,
you’ve awakened to the truth.
Your heart is glowing.
Opened heart
Seduced by love
Your home now,
and so taken care of. 

Stay right here.
Bask in your light.
 Opened to the heavens
This is your birthright.

I love you. 

In awe and gratitude of your opened heart, 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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