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Winter Wellness (Part 1) - Mindset & Perspective

It's that time of year for many of us who reside in the Northern hemisphere where colds, flu, and other viruses increase and become more common among us.


There are many reasons this tends to happen. 

The cold season brings us less exposure to sunshine which means that we have less access to endogenous, which means made in our bodies, vitamin D, and melatonin. 

Both vital to a healthy and radiant body for hundreds of reasons.

We also spend more time indoors with less exposure to nature and heat our homes with recycled air that dehydrates our bodies and keeps indoor toxins circulating. 

As a mother of two boys who always express a cold or flu once a year, I'm determined to share what I've learned from a holistic and whole-body perspective. 

I don't say the following because I'm bragging or trying to make others feel guilty about using more conventional methods, I share this because it's a testimony to this...

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