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Winter Wellness (Part 1) - Mindset & Perspective

It's that time of year for many of us who reside in the Northern hemisphere where colds, flu, and other viruses increase and become more common among us.


There are many reasons this tends to happen. 

The cold season brings us less exposure to sunshine which means that we have less access to endogenous, which means made in our bodies, vitamin D, and melatonin. 

Both vital to a healthy and radiant body for hundreds of reasons.

We also spend more time indoors with less exposure to nature and heat our homes with recycled air that dehydrates our bodies and keeps indoor toxins circulating. 

As a mother of two boys who always express a cold or flu once a year, I'm determined to share what I've learned from a holistic and whole-body perspective. 

I don't say the following because I'm bragging or trying to make others feel guilty about using more conventional methods, I share this because it's a testimony to this lifestyle. 

It’s evidence.

We have not been to the doctor in almost 9 years. 

Except for stitches or other acute injuries common in young boys and active husbands, we have been able to heal our ailments and symptoms with the gifts of Mother Nature and a vital perspective.

For me, it’s all been about learning to attune to living in a way that supports the human body, while creating space for healing to occur when it is ready to upgrade.

And upgrade, I mean when we get what we all “sick”.

This is the first idea that I want to dive into and unpack.

The perspective we have about sickness, I believe, causes more sickness.

What we experience as sick, is actually the body healing itself.

It raises its temperature to gain an advantage over the pathogen.

Yet, the majority of people, unnecessarily crush that advantage by taking or giving OTC fever reducer.

It tells the body through fatigue to rest so that all the energy the body can make can go into healing and restoring balance.

Instead many of us push through and are too busy to give the body the rest and attention it is craving. 

It will get rid of stomach contents that it has discovered are unsafe.

Instead of saying “I’m going to get sick” as you run to the toilet to dispel your dinner, say, “I’m going to get well!”

The body is doing exactly what it needs to do, to keep us safe.

The body is brilliant and so kind.

It also holds all our emotional experiences that we haven’t processed or given a safe place to feel.  

So it waits and holds it until we do feel safe and are willing to feel what was there to be felt.

Then, if it gets heavy and overloaded it will speak to us to remind us that it too needs support.

The crazy thing is that many of us just don’t pay attention to our bodies.

We are constantly in our heads and in the stories of the illusion that we give value to.

Unaware of its whispers, we wait until it screams.

The truth is, our bodies require and can only heal in our attention and our presence.

It heals when it’s relaxed.

It heals when it knows it safe. 

This is why if there is only one thing you are going to do to support your body this cold and flu season, it’s relaxing it.

It’s taking deep breaths.

 The hardest thing we are up against is remembering to relax.

It’s remembering to breathe.

It’s in the remembering that magic and miracles can enter into the body.

All our body needs is us to just get out of the way.

To listen and to be present with all that it says.

To sit without judgement or stories of what it tells us, and instead to hold space, rest, and relax so that it can do what it’s designed to do, heal, restore, and regenerate.

So I offer two ideas to think about in this message.

Number one is to check in with what perspective you are choosing to see the experience of your and your child's bodies upgrading.

Are you coming from a place of fear and telling the story of sickness and suffering?

Or, are you coming from a place of trust?

A place where you bring spaciousness to your organism that is healing itself.

I promise if you listen and hold space for your body, you will know exactly what it needs.

The second thing is the reiteration that the only way a body can heal is in a relaxed state.

This is why when my boys are sick, I help them feel safe, loved, and reassured that their body is performing a miracle right at the moment they feel like shit.

When I feel ill, I meditate like crazy, listen to healing and high-frequency music, and give my body exactly what it’s asking for.

I make space to hear it's messages. 

It’s when we hear our body’s messages, that it’s time to hold space, rest, nourish, and love it to death.

In part 2 of this series, I’m going to share some of my top tips and strategies when one of our bodies are upgrading.

So stay tuned!

In love and trust in your wonderous body,

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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