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The Uneasy.

deep thoughts inspiration Oct 27, 2022

Hello fellow human, 

I like to think back to when humans lived 10's of thousands of years ago. 


Before the agricultural revolution. 

Before we began farming crops and domesticating animals. 

The human experience was SO different than today. 

Humans lived and survived by hunting and gathering their food, there were no grocery or convenience stores to "grab a quick bite". 

Contrary to popular belief, these humans did in fact have gardens, they were small, temporary, and always shifted to minimize impact to the soil. 

They wore animal skins on their body and under their feet.

The only light they saw at night was light from the stars, moon, and the fire that kept them warm and the animals distant.

They slept on the earth.

Their bodies were grounded and synced with the cycles of Mother Nature. 

They walked on average 9 - 25 miles every day. 

The sun warmed their cells. 

Every effort was made to keep fed and safe from the danger of animals, a rogue warrior, and the weather. 

I imagine them as being so present and aware of each moment they exist in. 

What would it be like to live that way?

I like to think about what was "hard" to them. 

Was their hard having to go days, maybe weeks, without food to eat?

Was it finding ways to stay fed during winter months and extreme weather?

Was their hard being attacked by an animal or breaking their leg without any doctor to put it back together?

Then I wonder what would be easy for them... 

The hunter getting a kill within the first hour of his hunt? 

Maybe a mother gathering berries and walking up on an untouched abundant patch. 

The warm weather of summer, when their gardens grew and there was more daylight for the children to play. 

Was it when Spring came a few weeks early that year. 

Fast forward to modern society and the hard and easy experiences drastically change. 

Our hard these days are being healthy, raising healthy kids, and keeping up with all the expectations of the world and the bills to pay. 

Our hard is finding our purpose, our happiness, and figuring out why the fuck we are here. 

Our hard is the constant mental chatter and inability to be present and aware in our lives.

It's breaking through our programs and filters that keep us caged and unfree. 

We don't wake up worried about how we are going to physically survive the day, we wake up worried that we didn't get enough likes on our Instagram post, of our toddler's tantrums, and that fact that we haven't had sex with our husband a while. 

We wake up worried that we will fail again that day because we are just too overwhelmed and stressed to make any changes to better our lives. 

Human hardness has shifted from one of physical to mental survival. 

And our easy? 

Wow, has that changed. 

Just regarding food I could go on and on. 

Now we can choose a precooked frozen meal and heat it in a contraption that radiates it to warmth within minutes. 

We can dial up Uber Eats to deliver our chicken parmesan from our favorite Italian restaurant. 

Now we can access yet another cheap food option to clog our veins with, on every city corner. 

Our kids can lay and play video games all day. 

We can simply adjust the temperature in our homes by a small box on our wall. 

Our emotional easy is the projecting our traumas and insecurities on our loved ones. 

It's easier play the victim, instead of taking responsibility for our lives and doing the work required to heal ourselves. 

Our easy is blaming others for our unhappiness.  

All easy yet... none come with easy consequences. 

I think about the difference between our ancestor's version of easy and ours. 

Our ancestors never really had an easy choice. 

Easy was granted by the ways of the land and I imagine when they received it they held it in great reverence. 

They would have never chosen the easy route and just not look for food that day. 

Their choice was simple, live or die. 

Today is complicated and with an overwhelming and infinite amount of choices and places to put our attention on, easy becomes a way of not making different choices but continuing to stay in the same place because it's comfortable and familiar. 

Well I know at least one thing that we have in common with our early ancestors, and it's that we still must work for the nutrients the body requires to be strong and able. 

Our bodies have always required and still require minerals, vitamins, and all the other magical Mother Nature molecules that make healthy humans. 

Instead of hunting animals to eat every day now we hunt for food not poisoned with man-made chemicals that don't belong anywhere in or near the body. 

Instead of gathering berries or root vegetables in abundant patches, we work to gather produce that doesn't include a toxin that messes up the way our body detoxifies itself.

Although our hard today doesn't require as much physical taxing, it sure does require much mental taxing. 

Perspectives of the human "hard" have changed and evolved just as everything else in this universe. 

What I hope you take away from reading this is that hard and struggle is part of the human experience. 

It has always been.

There will always be a hard to pick in life and it will always be coupled with a flirtatious easy. 

It's obvious that constant easy choices make it really hard one day. 

And the hard choices we must make.

The choices to change the things in our lives that will move the needle.

The hardness of waiting to see the fruits of our labor rather than being seduced by the instant gratification our brains are addicted to.

To chose to change the way we are programed and the way we see ourselves. 

It's uneasy. 

It takes something deep within us to rise up that has never risen before. 

Yet we all innately know deep within us that the things that require us to get out of our comfort zones will always lead us to adventures, and brighter, healthier futures. 

So when things are hard, say thank you. 

As it will lead you to and understanding of yourself you could never imagine. 

You are meant to do hard things. 

You are meant to rise up and do the things you know will move the needle.

Like gathering food that nourishes your body.

Prioritizing you and your health. 

Finding stillness in your day to cultivate more peace in your heart and a calmer version of you.  

Go against the grain and let the naysays have their say, as their easy path will eventually lead them to your vindication. 

To make food in your kitchen with your family. 

It's evident that it can be hard to be different in an easy society. 

Yet, I promise that you aren't alone. 

So many mamas see that the only way to moving the needle, is found in the small choices of our lives. 

The day in and day out effort to build a new world.

To build a new us.  

I'm so honored to walk alongside so many of you who get this. 

All the work we do may not be validated and appreciated in the moment, but the ripple effect it has is far bigger than we can imagine. 

So keep going. 

Be courageous in the hard choices you make. 

Instead of fearing the hard, grab it by the horns and ride it like you fucking own it. 


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