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Easy Veggie Breakfast Combos

Greens and veggies for breakfast may sound a little ridiculous…
I remember when I first heard about this idea of eating plants first thing in the morning, I thought, "why?"!
I was beginning each day with a bagel or scone and up to 5 cups of coffee. One of which was some high sugar fancy drink from Starbucks.
I had gained 20 pounds in one year due to this poor morning habit. I look back and just think how crazy it was that I had no clue why I was:
1. Always tired
2. Had low energy around 10am and 2pm EVERYDAY!
3. Bloated and gassy (so gassy)
4. Irritable
These were not the only symptoms going on. I had indigestion and my body constantly ached.
You see, what I realized was that when I began each day with processed simple carbohydrates and tons of caffeine, I set my day up for disaster.
The thing is our body will continue to crave sugar (that what those simple carbs turn into) and caffeine ALL DAY long so we can keep the "high" going. My poor body was just trying to metabolize all the inflammatory molecules I was always ingesting and it just couldn't keep up.
If this is you now, believe me I get it!
It takes understanding and actionable steps to move us out of the downward spiral and into a new way of living.
What I have discovered is that gaining a better understanding of the fuel our body needs to function optimally is vital and equally important is that we spend just a little time weekly to plan and prep our meals! 
What I want to share with you is an easy way to "think" about breakfast! I love to sauté a batch of veggies so I can eat them throughout the week. This keeps me on track and nourished, without a whole lot of thinking to do. 

I always recommend to make extra! I usually make 3-4 servings, just reheat and boom! 

Here is the simple steps to making nourishing and satiating veggies for your breakast... 

1. First heat up a (non toxic) sauté pan.

Once hot add in high-heat oil. My two favorites are: 

  • Avocado oil 
  • Grass-fed Ghee

Then add in veggies that take longer to cook. If you aren't cooking potatoes, skip this part and add in the second layer. 

2. Add in your "harder" diced veggies. These are ones you will always cook first: 

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Fingerling Potatoes
  • Purple Sweet potatoes 
  • Yams

3. Once the first veggies are cooked through add in the next layer of cut-up veggies: 

  • Onions (leeks, shallots, green onions, red, yellow, and/or white!) 
  • Garlic
  • Peppers (green, yellow, red, & orange)
  • Zucchini (green & yellow)
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli or broccolini 
  • Cabbage 
  • All squash 
  • Asparagus 

4. Once those are nice and cooked through (not mushy) add in greens! By adding greens it ups the nutritional value!

Three of my favorite greens for breakfast are: 

  • Arugula
  • Kale
  • Spinach

5. Pair and top with Two pastured raised eggs.

  • Scrambled
  • Fried
  • Poached

6. Then you can add for more flavor and nutrition: 

  • Salt & Pepper
  • Nutritional yeast (My FAVORITE BRAND
  • Half an avocado
  • More greens! I love raw broccoli sprouts and/or arugula 

7. A few other things you can reuse these veggies in are:

  • Omelets with sheep's feta or raw cheddar cheese 
  • In soups or stews
  • As a side dish to clean meats for lunch or dinner
  • Add in salads! 

This simple way of creating and planning has infinitely helped me create healthy morning meals without the crash! 

Just make sure you are hydrating too! Check out my blog post all about How to Hydrate Everyday

I love teaching simple ways to up your nutrition. The majority of us were never taught how to fuel our bodies.

This is why I created the 14 Day Gut Healing Cleanse. It walks you through what to focus on, healthy habits to implement everyday, and you get support and accountability! 

Check out my video

Thanks for stopping by :) 

In gratitude and health,

Becky Wells
NTP, Clean Living Educator & Advocate
Human Being 


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