Women's Wellness Retreat

Santa Fe, New Mexico


ALL INCLUSIVE 3-Night Retreat!!!!

Thursday, April 30th - Sunday, May 3rd, 2020!  


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Is Your Soul Seeking Retreat?

Well if you are here, then the answer is a resounding YES!!!

Our exclusive and all-inclusive retreats are designed for women to create space in their mind, body, and soul.

You will find solace, connection, and relaxation. Surrounded by nature, fed nourishing and conscious fuel, and led through a weekend journey that is transformational, you will experience a weekend unlike any other.

Investing in yourself is absolute the best use of resources, time, and energy.


The Experience

This Women's Wellness retreat includes:

  • 3 Night Stay in an AMAZING 10,000 SF home in Santa Fe, New Mexico surrounded by nature and situated on 5 acres of wilderness.
  • All food! Organically, locally (as much as possible), and consciously sourced. The food is prepared with love, intention, and purpose.
  • Yoga classes - A beautiful mix of power and gentle designed to open the body and move stuck energy.
  • Guided Meditations & Conscious Breathwork
  • Sound Healing - Vibrational Medicine
  • 2 Clean Living Workshops - More details coming soon!!
  • Clean wine for our celebration curated by Scout & Cellar
  • Massages, Body Work, Reiki Healing and MORE!  (Services Al La Carte)
  • Transformative Women's Circle - Designed to lift the veil and raise your consciousness (MORE DETAILS COME)
  • Connection with like-minded women
  • Walks / Hiking  - Just be immersed in nature
  • An opportunity to be completely cared for. You won't lift a finger.

Need More Information?

Click below to access more information on the retreat, our intention, and the space we will gather!

The Details

This event is the perfect gift to yourself! Centered around nourishing your entire being and creating transformation in your life. Click here to learn more about the women leading the event and more details!

The Purpose

The purpose of the retreat is to reconnect with yourself and other women on a similar journey towards health and healing. Learn more about the weekend focus and intentions. 

The Space

Nestled on 5 acres of wilderness, this 10,000 SF home is an ideal place to gather! Click here to view more information on the gorgeous space we will gather.

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