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Living and Attuning to Our Life's Purpose

podcast Oct 14, 2022

Hello my dear :) 

I'm so honored to have some time and space today to share my latest podcast with you, where my heart speaks about a subject each and every soul yearns to embody.. purpose. 

I'll be honest, this subject of living in purpose has haunted me for a long time because I've felt the majority of my life I have NOT lived in purpose. 

Somehow it's always alluded me... and although I'm not a purpose expert, I do know what it feels like to not be in alignment with my unique gifts and what it feels like to be in alignment with them. 

We are created with a deep yearning to live in our purpose and this desire drives us to grow, evolve, and embody the unique gifts we are meant to create and then give away, ultimately to serve humanity. 

Everyone has a divine purpose.


Yet for most of us, we aren't aligned with our purpose and instead we are living out of tune with what we are here to express and become.

In this podcast, we dive into...

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