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Homemade Lip Balm

lip balm Nov 20, 2020

I have a confession to make.

I'm addicted to lip balm. Please tell me I'm not alone! 

Years ago, after discovering a main ingredient in Burt's Bees, my then favorite Chapstick, is canola oil... a concentrated toxic and chemical filled oil, I had to find something better.

I mean you put this on your mouth and don't tell me you never lick your lips...

I was on a mission.

I searched Sprout's and Wholefoods. Every option was pricey and in a plastic containers. Boo. 

Using pure organic ingredients is key. The initial cost is higher than just buying a stick at the store, but the quality of your balm and cost per lip cover is ultimately less expensive... and not toxic!

Oh and let's not forget, made with pure and simple ingredients!!

We don't need to put toxic chemicals in or on our mouth my friends :) 

So here are my tips when making your very own lip balm: 

  1. Start with high quality white beeswax, shea butter, castor oil (or carrier oil of choice), and your favorite...
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