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Your Life is a Garden

inspiration Nov 08, 2021
When our lives begin we set in an empty garden with rich and nourishing soil and limitless potential.
We are granted the possibility for anything and everything to grow.
A vast empty canvas for us to create our lives and our fullest expression of what we bring to the world.
Our gift is deeply planted within the garden, awaiting us to create a healthy and harmonious container so that it can take root and grow.
We also have deep-rooted ancestral seeds to teach us lessons and show us how to become master gardeners.
Yet, soon after birth, we learn that our garden is not quite perfect.
We are told by others that our garden is lacking and just not enough.
It’s to this or to that.
It’s not quite this or not quite that.
Our culture and society show us their beautiful displays and tell us, “you see, this is how it is done.”
They throw their seeds in our precious soil and we believe that those seeds will grow what is perfect and just enough.
Our parents plant their seeds because their parents planted theirs.
This is what has always been planted, and what we have always grown.
And, through time we water, fertilize, nourish, and spray our gardens with our thoughts, words, and actions.
Eventually, the seeds that other people threw into our garden begin to sprout, take root and grow.
They multiply and create more seeds to spread.
They begin to suck all the nutrients from our soil, crowding and dismantling the innate harmonic state.
If we are not careful we throw these seeds into our children’s and their children’s gardens.
Weeds appear and pests eat away our precious bounty.
Disharmony becomes, normal.
We fight nature, as we tend to the plants we’ve grown.
Building barriers and walls so that they will be “safe”, protected.
We use so much energy to keep our gardens going… but we grow tired.
We cannot keep up.
It’s exhausting to keep all of it alive and fed.
We realize that this is not what we want to grow!
We wake up and look at our gardens with honesty and clarity.
We begin to see the weeds that are not the flowers or fruit we once thought they would be.
We see pests sucking the life force from us and decide we no longer will be their victim.
With courage and deep knowing, we unearth and uproot the plants that have overgrown.
We dig them up, sometimes slowly.
Sometimes we must rip them out with great force because it’s the only way we can rid of them.
Then we look upon our garden, and it is a tragic site.
A reflection of allowing other people’s seeds to take root in our precious soil.
Uneven, and more roots to be taken out.
Pests still crawl around, but they begin to starve because we no longer feed them.
Night falls and the freeze begins.
We slip into the bare soil that is not ready to grow again.
We wait for the weather to show us when to begin.
Then the season changes.
The days become longer and the nights become warmer.
No more freeze that hinders our growth.
We begin to put the nutrients back into the stripped dirt.
Sunshine warms the earth and wakes up our sleeping seeds.
There is so much room to grow new, inspired, and amazing things.
We ponder...
What fruit do I wish to sow?
Whose seeds do I wish to know?
Those who have beautiful and healthy gardens, we ask, “Can you help me?”
“Can you show me your ways?”
“Will you give me a few of your seeds that I may plant?”
“Of course they say,” as their gardens are bountiful and they have much to share.
Then, more people come along and say, plant this and plant that… they throw their seeds into our garden and we quickly catch them and toss them aside.
“No thank you.” We say.
We will create our own way.
We become strategic, choosy, and intentional on what we now will grow.
The seeds we were too scared to plant, become the first to take root.
The deep-seeded gift we were given, begins to sprout.
We have space and our garden is ours.
Weeds will still make their way to disrupt our peace… but because we know what to look for, we quickly can uproot them and toss them aside.
No longer creating space for them, only that which is in the balance of the whole.
Toss aside.
Prepare your garden.
Nourish it.
Allow it to heal.
Then plant the seeds you were born to create.
Bask in the sunshine of your life.
Watch as the intentional and loving seedlings turn into trees.
Eat and give gratitude for your bounty.
Stop comparing your garden.
Discard any seeds and weeds that don’t belong.
There will be another freeze.
There will be cold long days.
There will be a draught.
There will be floods.
Yet, the day will always come for new seeds to be planted.
The day will come where the gift you are here to bring will grow so big, nothing can stop it.
So get into your garden and begin the work of your life.
For you will inspire many to tend to theirs.
You will inspire others with your fruit and flowers.
You will share your seeds and help others grow the garden of their dreams.
Generations who come after you will be blessed with the seeds you planted.
Take comfort that now is the perfect time to spend in the garden of your life.
Without judgment or fear.
Without comparison or lack.
Just look with honesty and compassion.
For it is the most perfect place to teach you how sacred you are.
No need to rush.
For it will take time for seeds to sprout.
You will not boast about what you have created in time, for you have only played a part.
For God has provided you sunshine, water, every seed, and every possibility that you can ever imagine. 
You just get to choose what you want to grow.
So go and grow.
In love and light, Becky 

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