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Your Ferrari Needs You...

deep thoughts my journey Jan 13, 2023

Hello my friend, 

Years ago I was standing in line at the Starbuck's located just outside of my office building. 

I would go everyday and get my Mocha Frappuccino and cranberry scone.

The line was long and extended outside the front door, but I didn't mind. 

The longer I could stay away from my desk, the better. 

I was enjoying the early morning sunshine on my skin. 

It was a beautiful day in March, I could smell the orange blossoms in the air and for a moment life was tolerable. 

I heard a loud rumble and looked to my left where there was a small parking area for Valet and quick drop-offs. 

A bright red Ferrari pulled up. 

It looked brand new and was stunning. 

I waited to see who was driving it, hoping to see a hot, young, buff guy emerge, but it was a older man who stepped out of the car with his flashy glasses and sparkly watch. 

He gently shut the door and scanned to see who was watching him. 

I could tell that he loved the attention this car gave him. 

He was in his 40's and had a huge belly. 

His face was bright red, which I've learned is a common sign of liver congestion and as I look back almost every man in my office had this symptom. 

He walked towards the back of the car and took a cloth out of his pocket. 

He gently rubbed the cloth on the car as if he was taking off a blemish or speck of dust. 

Then he walked to the sidewalk and turned his back towards me. 

He folded his arms and seemed to be just staring at his car. 

Soon after, another man came out of Starbucks and walked towards him. 

They obviously knew each other and gave one those shake hands and hugs. 

Then they began gawking at the car together. 

He opened the doors and the man who joined him got in. 

They moved outside of the car and I overheard their conversation, as the man with the Ferrari talked about how fast it was, how much it cost, and the type of fuel it used.

I couldn't hear everything but I did hear him say, "man, babes love this car!" 

This annoyed me. 

How shallow, I thought. 

I moved inside the door and every chance I could I would just watch the two men talking. 

I got my mocha and scone and headed back to the office. 

I walked by the two men still gawking and I felt the man who owned the car watching me. 

I believed it was to see if I too "loved" his car and thought he was SO cool for owning it, since of course I was a babe :) 

I just ignored him and acted like I could care less. 

I was working in commercial real estate and the type of car you drove was of upmost importance. 

It was a status symbol. 

Some people see cars as a means to impress people and make people feel good about themselves. 

I had an inkling that this Ferrari man was no different. 

I walked into my office and sat at my desk. 

A young broker who sat near me, had walked in behind me and yelled to his friend "Ryan", "Hey man, did you see that Ferrari out there? It's f$#king sweet!" 

I rolled my eyes and inhaled my scone and drank my Mocha. 

I sat there thinking about how unhealthy this man was, yet he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and obviously lots of "care" on this fancy red car. 

He was most likely compensating for things, like we all do, yet his red face and big belly indicated that his body wasn't much of a priority. 

I sat there and wondered if that man had even considered spending that kind of money on his self and/or his health? 

Which is so funny, because I was literally investing my money, at the time, in multiple unhealthy foods and habits! 

From my place of judgement, I began to wonder about our world and where we place our energy and focus. 

After waking up hungover after a night of abusing my body, I began to see how I was on my way towards that destination. 

I too was abusing my body just as much as 95% of the people I was surrounded by. 

I look back on this experience and it makes me think how much attention, love, thought, money, and resources we direct towards things like cars, homes, TV's, vacations, internet, and other material possessions. 

I mean we get to "drive" our bodies every day! 

We are literally driving a beautiful, magnificent, and powerful vehicle right now. 

How much do we care for it and stand in awe of it? What fuel are we giving it? 

Are we taking it in for "tune ups"? Or are we giving it subpar fuel, trashing it, leaving it in the garage, and allowing it to rust? 

The Ferrari we get to drive every day works endlessly to keep us alive.

It's innate drive to heal is always "on" and if we give it the love, support, and fuel it needs... it will heal and care for itself. 

That is what God designed it to do. 

But it needs us to advocate for it!

It needs us to nourish and hydrate it! 

It needs us to stop consuming the things it can't process and metabolize like chemicals, toxins, and processed foods. 

It needs to move and be moved. 

It needs connection and care. 

Yet we tend to give this connection and care to "things". 

What would the world be like if we cared more for our bodies than the damn cars we drive or things we own? 

I think it would be a healthier and more loving world... 

I wish this for all of us. I wish this my kids and your kids... so I'm going to keep writing about analogies and my experiences to inspire moms and women to break free from a world that doesn't support health and create a new one that does. 

Are you with me?

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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