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What are you feeding your brain?

inspiration Jul 09, 2020
Want a little secret to cultivating more happiness in your life?
Consciously choose what information you ingest!!
Waking up, turning on the news and scrolling through your social media feed is a recipe for unhappiness. Unconsciously choosing to absorb information that is NOT serving you and keeping you in a fear-based mindset leads to anxiety, depression, and a lack of motivation. No one is happy living in this state.
The quote by Finley Peter Dunne sums it up for how the media works to keep you coming back for more.
"Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."
Yet NO comfort ever comes from the news as there is always the next "BREAKING NEWS" story or "THIS JUST IN".
When you choose to absorb and digest information that is fear-based, what do you think happens? It fills your being with scattered and dense energy. It feels uncomfortable like you need to do something, but you just continue to go back thinking the next story or scroll will offer you some relief. Maybe it does for a moment, but it never stays with you. It's a vicious cycle that SO many people live in. It's time to wake up and get out of the matrix my friends.
I'd love to offer you just a few steps you can take to decrease the fear-based information flow into your life and make better choices on what you put into your beautiful and divine head:
1. DO NOT turn on any news or look at your social media feed (and email for that matter) for a minimum of 30 minutes after you wake AND before you go to sleep. Even better work up to an hour or even two!!!
2. Choose inspirational / calming brain-food. Read an inspirational book, listen to a motivational talk or audio book, or maybe play some peaceful and meditative music to start your morning or end your day.
3. Overall, limit (and decrease) your exposure to news and media.
4. Unfollow (or unfriend) ANYONE or any company that continues to feed the world fearful or conflict-based information.
5. Stay informed but not addicted.
6. Keep a distance from people who thrive in drama or fear!
YOU and only YOU are responsible for what you feed your brain. If you are unhappy, take a long hard look at what you are consuming! When you find yourself back in the fear, choose again. Just keep choosing to move yourself towards a place of peace, rather than suffering.
Everything is energy and when you choose higher frequencies and vibrations, you become and attract that. Stop operating in a state of dense and low vibrations. Move yourself towards joy... changing what you feed your brain is an excellent first move! Baby steps!!
When we operate from a place joy rather than fear, our lives flow and we can begin to solve perceived problems from a place of awareness. We then can respond in a way that serves our lives, rather than continues to lead us down a path of reaction and fear.
Of course, what we feed our bodies greatly impacts our state of being! Becoming more conscious of the food and information we digest is all part of moving ourselves to a healthier and happier existence! Fortunately, this is my passion and purpose, helping people choose cleaner food and designing a lifestyle that honors them and their version of optimal health! 
I have a couple programs that have just launched! My 14-Day Gut Reset is an simple, yet profound, program that helps you remove that which does not serve you and your mind! We focus on nourishing our bodies with real, whole, clean food which leads us to a healthier gut and thus stronger immune system. 
The most amazing feedback I get from clients is how clear and happy they feel! When you begin to see how everything we consume affects us on a cellular level, it becomes SO MUCH EASIER to make better choices and take baby steps every day to create the lives and health we all desire and deserve! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
In love, gratitude, and health, 
Becky Wells
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Clean Living Educator & Advocate 
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