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Uncategorized Dec 01, 2019

This is how I feel when I travel (see picture above). Happy, content, and just so curious about what can happen next.

I’ve really been pondering why it is that I feel so good when I get to visit new places, even if I’ve been there before, I always feel a sense of awe, openness, and excitement. It’s a much different vibe then how I feel day in and day out.

After pondering for some time, I figured it out!

When we travel or experience new things, we remove ourselves from the every day patterns and habits that keep us in our self-limiting belief system. The roles we play, the day-to-day minutia, the endlessness of caring for other beings, oh and the list of “things” to accomplish… laundry, dishes, walking the dogs, picking up the kids. walking on eggshells around your 5 YO who may lose his shit at any moment… these are all things that continue to remind us of who we think we are. WE get triggered, react, and the cycle continues.

When we take all our past experiences and insert them into the lens of which we see the present moment it keep us stuck in the same fixed mindset and disconnected from our authentic self. We just continue the same thought patterns and create the same experiences in our lives.

When we travel we aren’t reminded of any of that. It’s a pattern interrupt. We get to be us, just be who we truly are. No one (or maybe very little people) knows who we are or who we have been… so there is no “reminder” of the past. We can experience life with a fresh frame of mind, feel the energy of a place we’ve never felt before, and create a new us in each and every moment. It’s exhilarating!

This trip has reminded me why I created my #womenswellnessretreats… The opportunity to provide an experience that cultivates space for something new, complete surrender, transformation, and for my guests to be reminded of who they authentically are… and at the same time be surrounded by like-minded women on a similar journey.

They reconnect to their center and are nourished in every way possible. They don’t lift a finger… they just get to be cared for and nurtured. We all need to be cared for and nurtured, right?

There are still spots for my Santa Fe Retreat! Click here for details!! Dates have shifted to April 30 – May 3rd! Don’t miss this opportunity to be whisked away from all your responsibilities and be nourished with beautiful organic high-vibe food, joyful movement, community, and connection.

To all those women out there giving of themselves every day, take care of you! Do something today for you! Even if it’s just 5 minutes of writing in your journal, a walk around the block, getting your feet on the earth, a yoga class, a 10 minute meditation, plan a trip, get outside, or maybe read a chapter of that book you’ve been waiting to absorb. We were not made to give ALL of ourselves ALL the time. Save some of you for you!

Love and light to all you 🙂

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