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The 8 Major Benefits of Getting Sunshine Early in the Morning

(Wo)Man has become more and more disconnected with nature. 

Think back to 10K - 12K years ago when our ancestors literally LIVED in nature. The hunter-gathers were constantly outside, moving, foraging, hunting, and deeply connected to the cycles of the earth and of humanity. 

Fast forward to 2020, and many of us don't even step outside our homes! We constantly consuming digital media, wearing shoes, sleeping by fields of radiation... either emitted by our phones, lamps, TV's or whatever is on the other side of the wall. 

What many of us don't understand is that WE ARE NATURE! You cannot remove the human from nature. We are one in the same and this disconnection has created such enormous health challenges. Now is the time to close the gap and evolve humanity, through deepening our understanding of how to reclaim our health... and getting outside is just one step in the right direction! 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Beth Greer, aka. Super Natural Mom, and Dr. Catherine Clifton for my upcoming #holisticmamasummit, and both of these experts offered so many amazing simple actions steps that we can take to help us become healthier.

They both shared that: 


Now you may be thinking, this is too simple! Exactly!

Health is SIMPLE my friends. We've complicated it SO much over the last hundred years. Diets, devices, methods, and the rabbithole of health information online, has literally confused us and our bodies!

It's time to get back to TRUE health and I'm here to help people reclaim their wellness!

Well, that's my mission at least. 

So here is how the morning sun helps us as it: 

  1. Syncs our circadian rhythm! Our internal body clock is set by the sun! Getting early morning sunshine sets the signals we need for the cascade of hormones required for a healthy body! Specifically melatonin! This is why getting blue light at night time only confuses our body! 

  2. Increases our energy! We are like plants... we also extract energy from the sun. Getting early morning sunshine can not only help us sleep better, which provides us more energy, but literally provides us MORE energy! 

  3. Ramps up our metabolism! Studies show that getting early morning exposure to sunshine helps us increase metabolism and lower body weight...  "The Sunshine Diet?!" 

  4. Helps reduce anxiety! Researchers have linked melatonin production with a reduction of anxiety. As mentioned above, melatonin production is regulated with early morning sunshine! 

  5. Increases our moods!! Who doesn't want to be in a better mood?! Not only does sunshine on the skin create vitamin D, the feel good hormones, dopamine and serotonin, are also produced in response to sunlight! 

  6. Enhances and strengthens the skin (anti-aging!) - Early morning sun offers us red light (which is a huge trend right now) which not only reduced inflammation but can help fight acne! 

  7. Is SUPER anti-inflammatory! We live in a highly inflammatory world! Even though not all inflammation is bad, chronic inflammation leads to major health issues. Red light boosts cellular energy (our mitochondria LOVE sunshine) and cuts down on oxidative stress. 

  8. Is inexpensive and easy to access! For many of us getting sunshine simply requires  us to step outside and bathe in it! 

Now let's explore... 

How we can harness the early morning sunlight: 

  1. Get up as early as you can, closer to sunrise the better.

  2. Get sun exposure on your face, and as much on your skin as you can! 

  3. Allow your eyes to absorb the sunshine! Get exposure before you put on your contacts or glasses (which most have UV ray protection!). 

  4. Combine your sun exposure efforts with grounding! Want to really amp up the healing benefits of your time outside? Take your shoes (or slippers) off and get your feet on the earth! Grounding has SO many benefits! Read more about the benefits here! 

Remembering that we are nature can help us see our world and habits differently! Stop staying cooped up and disconnected. Rather connect to nature as much as you can and give your body what it needs... what's it's made from. I guarantee you will begin to see a huge difference in just a few days! 

Do you harness the sun? Please share! 

If you are looking to amp up your health, you must check out my 14 Day Gut Healing Cleanse! We include nature, movement, and real food to help you reclaim your DIVINE health, the health you were born to embody! 

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 In love and gratitude, 

Becky Wells
Founder of Hippie Moms
NTP, Clean Living Educator & Advocate




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