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The Story of My Awakening (Part 1) - Pad of Prescriptions

deep thoughts my journey Nov 22, 2021
It all started 14 years ago.
This was the beginning of my awakening out of the matrix. 
I was 28 years old and walked out of my doctor’s office with a pad of prescriptions.
In this particular visit, I had gone in hope of more antibiotics.
I truly believed they cured everything, and had NO idea of the detrimental effects they have on our bodies and gut health. 
I had suffered from recurring UTIs, chronic sinus infections, debilitating lower back pain, tons of digestive issues, horrible PMS… and consistent anxiety, and bouts of depression.
This way of life was my normal.
Feeling like crap was normal.
I was 15-20 pounds overweight and hated my body.
I could not lose weight for the life of me.
What was so confusing about my poor health was that I truly thought I lived a healthy lifestyle.
I followed the FDA’s nutritional guidelines, low-fat, moderate protein, a daily dose of dairy and grains, and of course fruits and vegetables.
I was however consuming a lot of alcohol as it came with the job and was your run of the mill, emotional eater.
Who wasn’t?
I exercised daily and strenuously!
Isn’t that the magic concoction, eat well, and exercise?
Drinking alcohol is normal, everyone drinks alcohol.
Questions began to flood my mind.
Was this how life was meant to be?
You get older and your health just starts going downhill?
Do you have no control of any of it?
I hadn’t had kids yet and this also worried me.
Was I even going to be able to have kids?
My monkey mind was running amuck, as usual, and my anxiety begin to take over.
The moment I left my doctor’s office, as I stepped into the sunshine and felt the warmth on my skin, it calmed my anxious body a bit.
I took a deep breath, quickly realizing how stuffy my doctor’s office had been, and then the tidal wave of reality hit.
I was going to end up just like all my unhealthy relatives.
Popping prescriptions, low energy, and pre or full-blown diabetic.
I just have bad genes.
This is so depressing.
Being the control freak I was (kind of still am, working on that…), I had other plans.
I began to think about the experience with my doctor, and well, all my doctor visits.
I noticed that I had spent a total of 10 minutes with the doctor even though I was there for over 90 minutes!
She asked about my symptoms, looked at my chart, and wrote me that pad of prescriptions, then just sent me on my way.
That was it.
Why didn’t she ask me about my diet? I thought.
She had asked if I exercised and with a reply, “yes” she moved on to asking me if I was sexually active and well that was it.
That was it.
I felt nauseous.
Something was off. I just knew it, my gut knew it (before I really even understood what the gut was!).
I drove to the drug store and filled my antibiotic prescriptions. I chose not to fill the birth control (for my PMS) or the 5 other medications she had recommended for my digestive issues and anxiety.
It was all just too much.
In a couple of days, my UTI and sinus infection subsided.
In 3 weeks they were back with a vengeance. I lived like this for at least another year until… I saw the glowing woman.  
That's the next part of this series... head to the next blog post to read more! 
Thanks for being here :) 
In love Becky 

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