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Common Detox & Cleanse Withdrawal Symptoms and Remedies

When our body is nourished with the foods it needs and eliminates foods that cause inflammation and metabolic destruction, we can experience symptoms of the transformation and healing process. 

It's important to know that our bodies are extremely resilient and are always working towards homeostasis, balance.

Providing the right environment for our bodies to achieve this balance is key. This is what this program aims to do.

Through this process we allow the symptoms or withdrawal effects to act as messages. 

Listen to how your body is responding and let it be fuel to treat your soul-home with the love and respect it needs. 

I touch on many of the common symptoms that can be experienced. You may experience some more than others or something completely different.

Remember each body is unique and the way it heals is also unique. 

 Let's touch on some of the most common symptoms that can be experienced during the program and the natural remedies we can implement to support our body through this and its process. 


One of the most common symptoms of detoxing, headaches can vary in intensity and duration. 

When your body is being deprived of something whether it be sugar, gluten, or alcohol, that is ALWAYS getting, it is a response to that lack.

Your body is readjusting to its new environment and messages.

Headaches can be caused by either a reduction in circulating hormones, toxins being released into your circulation that are finally being eliminated, or a release of energy from tension and stress. 

Natural remedies

  • HYDRATE! Drink water!! 
  • Ionic Magnesium. The best magnesium I have found, and I have tried MANY, is one cultivated b Upgraded Minerals. All of their minerals are delivered in nanoparticles as to not need digestion to be absorbed. This is one of the most bio-available forms of magnesium. Magnesium is extremely important for our entire being as it's responsible for more than enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body. Studies have shown that magnesium is a powerful supplement to help decrease migraines. 
  • Hydrotherapy - By using this technique you can help your body eliminate toxins more effectively and efficiently. Utilizing cold and hot water therapy like cold showers, cold plunging, and saunas can support your body's detoxification process significantly. 
  • Meditation & Mindfulness - Relaxing your central nervous system is key. Think deep breathing and meditation to increase the oxygen supply to your brain, reducing stress and headaches. 
  • Essential Oils
    • Peppermint. Many natural healers suggest that massaging a drop or two of peppermint essential oil into your forehead, temples, and back of your neck will stimulate blood flow and soothe muscle contractions.
    • Lavender. Lavender essential oil, according to many natural health practitioners, is a sedative and mood stabilizer. They suggest inhalation as the best way to take advantage of its effects for headache treatment.

Hangovers -

What may feel like a hangover is actually your body adjusting to the new reality you are creating for it.

You may feel it most just upon waking. Remember this is temporary and will pass. 

Natural Remedies: 

  • Lots of H2O and fluids!! 
  • Move your body!!


A major key to our detox program is giving our digestive tracts a break and helping eliminate all toxins we've accumulated over the years.

The lack of movements can, for some, be normal.

Natural Remedies:

  • HYDRATE! It is KEY to drink the amount of water your body needs. Remember the minimum amount you should be consuming is half your weight in ounces. 
  • Eat plenty of fiber! Try adding more freshly ground flaxseeds to salads, kefir & fruit, or to your smoothie. Flaxseeds are high in fiber and absorb water to help eliminate it efficiently. 
  • Magnesium citrate. This supplement helps with elimination and constipation. Take about 400 mg per day. 


Sleeplessness or restlessness can be common as your body adjusts to life without consistently consuming toxins, especially alcohol.

Our body naturally detoxes every night when we sleep. When the body is left with an overabundance of toxins it can cause disruptions in our sleep and our circadian rhythm. 

Natural Remedies: 

  • Drinking tons of water
  • Taking Upgraded Magnesium
  • Doing daily movement will help the body detoxify and help us sleep.
  • Time. Unfortunately, our bodies must process the toxins and the feeling of restlessness is common. Keep in mind that the body is doing what it needs to heal. Trust in the process and  know that this experience is fleeting and usually lasts for one-two nights during the first week of detox. 


Let's face it all the fun foods that created dopamine and left us craving more, set the stage for our dues to be paid. 

Our bodies are transforming, cleansing, and being guided back to health. 

 Natural Remedies: 

  • Move your body daily. The endorphins released when we move our bodies are natural stress relievers. Move every day during the detox. 
  • Get your body into a parasympathetic state. Prayer, meditation and mindfulness are SO amazing for our moods! 
  • Self-care, self-love, and compassion - Just know that this experience is fleeting, and keep your goal in mind. Stay the course. 
  • Communication with your loved ones. Let them know what you are experiencing and take extra care of yourself during these two weeks. 

Skin issues / bumps -

The skin is a major detoxification organ, along with your liver. Some can experience "clogging" or bumps on the skin. This is only temporary as your body adjusts. 

Natural remedies: 

  • Dry Brushing (See "Boost Your Body Detox" section)
  • Magnesium baths
  • Lots of water! 
  • Movement!! 

Body Odor: 

As our bodies expel toxins through our skin, body odor can be a common symptom of the detox. Trust me that it is only temporary, but it is important to not be using chemically created deodorants. Many of us already know that major deodorant/antiperspirant brands are full of aluminum and toxic chemicals that just contribute to the decreasing health of our society. Throw those away and opt for cleaner and healthier versions. 

Natural Remedies:

  • Hydrotherapy. Cold/hot showers will not only wash away the outer layer of odor but help the body detox more efficiently. 
  • Movement. Sweating will help the body and skin detox more efficiently. 
  • Use a non-toxic deodorant. If you are down to make your own, here is a great recipe by Wellness Mama. Or you can pick one up at your local health-focused grocer. Use the EWG website to find a non-toxic version. Remember to always opt for brands that have NO "natural" fragrance or perfume. 
  • Detox your armpits. What? Yes, give your armpits the detox they deserve. I love to use bentonite clay to help balance the bacterial imbalances cause actually cause you to smell worse than normal. Here is a great article about this practice and more tips on how to tackle this common side effect. If you just need a brand to trust, try Primal Pit Paste. It's awesome. 
  • LIME!! Last but not least, this has to be my favorite natural and cheap remedy to stinky pits. Lime. Simply cut a lime in half, squeeze it a bit to omit some of the juices, and apply to your pits.

    BE SURE NOT TO APPLY after shaving. It will sting. Store in the refrigerator to apply when necessary. I keep mine in a glass container in the back so my husband doesn't put it into his sparkling water.

It's vital to remember that sensations of withdrawal and detoxification are fleeting. 

Our bodies need time and rest to adjust to the removal of toxins and infusion of nourishment to alchemize and upgrade! 

In support of your upgrade, 

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
The Hippie Moms Podcast

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