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Learn More About the Event and the Women Leading this Exclusive Wellness Retreat in Flagstaff, Arizona!

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Meet the Women Leading this Exclusive Retreat!

Becky Wells

Founder of Hippie Moms, Nutritional Therapy Consultant, certified yoga Instructor and clean living educator and advocate, Becky has a deep understanding of the demands and challenges in motherhood and life alike. She is passionate about guiding women towards their optimal health and wellness goals through nourishment, clean living, stress management, and mindful movement. Empowering women to prioritize self-love and self-acceptance is her purpose and mission in life. 

Jodi Gilbert

A disciplined student of yoga, passionate teacher and coach, intentional Mother of three and a woman of God. Jodi's purpose is to always be doing the work so that she can serve others. A survivor of post partum depression/anxiety, multiple miscarriages, and a loss of purpose, Jodi has a deep connection to the emotional struggles of Motherhood.
Living now, as the brightest version of herself, she can attribute her awakening and healing to the power of faith, a devoted yoga practice, clean eating and the loving presence of mentors, friends, and family.

Kelsey Marie

Sound healer, yoga teacher, and creator of MIndful Monarch LLC. She has a passion for body and energy work, meditation, and sound medicine. She believes that if we are able to calm the nervous system with the use of vibration, breath awareness, and relaxing the physical body, we can access the parts of ourselves that need the deepest healing.

Angela Ferrari

Angela Ferrari is the founder of the Shift Process.  She has been practicing energetic and intuitive healings since she was a child.  

Angela went on to study self-development, energetic healing and channeling.  She has certification in in-depth channeling and Reiki. She has successfully worked with many clients with her unique formula in clarifying what it is they truly want and assisting them in getting out of their own way to get it.  “With clients, I have a pretty direct approach. If you’re ready for the truth, I tell you the truth because understanding your blind spots is the only way to get to the next level.”

The Details: 

Dates: Opening circle begins at 1pm on Friday, October 18th. The closing circle concludes the retreat at 1pm on Sunday, October 20th. 

Mindful Yoga & Movement: Perfect for a yoga novice as well as a seasoned yogi. The retreat will consist of 4 yoga/meditation practices with a mix of power and gentle classes. The retreat  is designed to move energy and open the body to receive the healing this retreat offers.

Friday Night Shift Circle:  We are blessed to have Angela lead us in a shift circle. Her Shift Formula was created through years of studying the physics and energy behind our thoughts and how our beliefs impact our lives. Angela will guide us to further understand what belief systems are standing in the way of us reaching our full potential and help us align with the higher frequency that holds this ultimate reality, right now. 

Sound Healing:  SO grateful to have Kelsey lead us in a sound healing session. . This practice employs vibrational medicine to initiate deep healing and self-connection. We are 60% water and high vibration sound frequencies help the body heal and move into alignment. It's an extremely transformative experience.

Clean & Nourishing Food: All food will be organic, locally and consciously sourced, and intentionally created. We will focus on nourishing our soul-home for the duration of the retreat. Becky provides recipes, a smoothie workshop, and tips to guide you in your clean-eating journey.

Smoothie Workshop: Come learn how to build a nutrient-dense and nourishing smoothie! You will get to try different recipes and take home clean eating inspiration to implement in your daily life!

Clean Wine: All wine is included and sourced from Scout & Cellar an exclusive company who sells clean-crafted wine. All wines are organic, bio-dynamic, and/or sustainable.

Mini Shift Sessions, Massages, Body Work, and Reiki are available and a la carte. More details available in registration confirmation e-mail. 

Unplug: We must disconnect to reconnect. This is a time for you to connect with yourself. We recommend leaving all devices at home or on silent mode during the retreat. 

Invest in yourself! This retreat will not only nourish your body AND your soul!! 

Retreat Cost: $785.00

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