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Becky Wells

Born a badass, Becky holds a bachelor degree in Business & Marketing from UNM, is a certified yoga instructor, blogger, and most importantly a health and wellness advocate. Spending, 13 years in the corporate commercial real estate industry, Becky has a deep understanding of the demands and challenges this lifestyle presents. From high stress, chronic sitting, and a poor nutritional culture, Becky is dedicated to help those who are willing to take the necessary steps to move themselves towards optimal health. Holistically healing herself from constant digestive issues, lower back pain, and chronic sinus infections, to consistent fatigue and brain fog, she is passionate about educating others on their innate healing ability using nutritional therapy, gentle detoxes, yoga, meditation, and deep breathing techniques

Michelle Gulbas

Michelle Gulbas not only has super-powers, but is a Scottsdale-based mom, and former educator turned family health coach. Her passion: helping families achieve optimal health by introducing them to whole, unprocessed, and nutrient-dense foods. Michelle loves educating people on how to simplify things in the kitchen; creating easy, nutritious meals.

​She holds a Master's Degree in Education from NAU, a Holistic Nutrition certificate from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and her Health Coach Certification through The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Scott R. Wells

Most people are impressed that Scott graduated from Notre Dame, but when they get to know him, they are more impressed by his deep passion for digital marketing strategies. Creator and founder of The Conversion Formula, Scott transforms his clients' digital marketing strategies by simplifying and focusing on  what works for their specific industry. Not all digital marketing strategies are created equal. He's also married to a bad ass. He leads all of Be Well's online services and strategies. 

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