About Becky Wells...

After suffering from a multitude of major health issues, I walked out of my doctor's office with a pad of prescriptions and decided there had to be another way.

I knew in my gut that taking multiple pills daily was not the answer. The thing was I have always been obsessed with health, so I was confused why I was suffering so much. I followed the FDA nutritional guidelines and exercised obsessively.

When I found myself in constant digestive pain and suffering from anxiety & depression, innately I knew that things had to change quickly, or I’d end up like ALL my elders, taking tons of prescription pills the rest of my life.

After having my 2nd child, a serendipitous event occurred. It was a spontaneous dinner with an old high school friend. We discovered how much we had in common and how we were both striving to live more holistically. We shared tons of tips and tricks. We decided we must keep it going so I started an online Facebook group where we could join together ALL of our friends seeking an alternative way (and narrative) to live and raise our children.

It transformed my life.

Sharing and learning from other moms was transformative and I began implementing little things every day that began moving me and my family towards wellness.

Through years of research, study, and experimenting on myself and my husband, my health was getting better and the Hippie Mom community grew and grew.

My symptoms disappeared, I lost those 20 stubborn pounds, and I regained my confidence and happiness.

I knew that this was my purpose, to support women and mom’s on their journey to not only better health, but to raise healthy children.

I dived into obtaining my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner designation, my 200 YTT yoga instructor training, and along with my bachelor’s in Business & Marketing from UNM, I left my 14 years spent as a broker in commercial real estate set out and fulfill my purpose to be a conduit of change in our world.

I offer online courses focused on cleaning up our food, gut health, cleanses, Women's Wellness Retreats, and  exclusive group coaching programs.

I was born to guide women, like me, out of the darkness of ill health and into the light of vitality and living the lives we so truly deserve to live.

All it takes are baby steps!

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