Born to change the way we fuel our soul-home, Becky holds a bachelor degree in Business & Marketing from UNM, is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, 200hr YTT yoga instructor, and clean living educator and advocate. She is also a mother of two energetic boys and the founder of Hippie Moms, LLC.

Holistically healing herself from constant digestive issues, lower back pain, and chronic sinus infections, to consistent fatigue and brain fog, she is passionate about educating others on their innate healing ability by implementing nutritional therapy, clean eating programs, gentle detoxes, yoga, meditation, and deep breathing techniques.

She loves working with women and mothers who are willing and dedicated to cultivate more health in their family’s lives… they just don’t know where to begin. Her personalized nutritional therapy sessions, 14-day clean eating detox, 21-day clean eating programs, along with her Women’s Wellness Retreats, are all tools she uses to help people get out of their own way and integrate baby steps in their daily lives that add up to HUGE change! Becky is dedicated to help those who are willing to take the necessary steps to move themselves towards optimal health. 


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