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Uncategorized Apr 06, 2020

Many people struggle with clean eating because the process can be overwhelming. Changing all the foods or food-like products you’ve been using for years, and have believed to be healthy or at least not harmful to your health, can create stress and keep us from moving forward. By the way, the stress caused is worse for us than even eating that toxic crap!

When we are overwhelmed we begin to make excuses why we can’t continue or move forward on our journey and then we stay stuck. We don’t make any changes. We also may experience paralysis by analysis.

This is why it’s SO important to take baby steps and create small actions every day that move us in the direction we wish to go.

I find it SUPER helpful to address common myths (and excuses) associated with cleaning up the food we fuel our bodies with and provide a new perspective, which my hope is that you will adopt it instead.


The biggest misconception about eating clean is that it’s more expensive when in actuality eating conventional food is really cheap. When you have been eating cheap conventional food for years, if not your whole life, spending more money on products and organic products may seem ridiculous even irritating.

However, if you are here you know that investing in your health is the most important investment you will ever make. Most of us are fine investing in cars, houses, cable TV, second homes, toys, and stuff… but when it comes to our bodies, many of us don’t invest the time or money it needs to live and feel well. If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?


However, if you are here you know that investing in your health now is the most important investment you will ever make. Relying on inexpensive, super convenient, and overly processed foods in our demanding lives and schedules is a crutch. “A new study from academic researchers found that 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies were tied to medical issues —either because of high costs for care or time out of work. An estimated 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year because of medical issues and bills, the research found.” (Source)


You don’t have to spend hours or days in the kitchen cooking complex meals to eat and feel well. High quality and fresh food is easy to prepare and enjoy once you learn how. This is what I teach you in ALL my online courses. When you understand how to source clean and real ingredients, you can create all of your favorite meals, just with real whole real food. We must get back into the kitchen and start cooking again! This is truly a rebellious act in today’s day and age! 



You don’t have to visit your local farmers market or join a local food co-op (however, this is where you’ll find the freshest and most nutrient-dense food). Your local health-focused grocer is a great place to start. In my courses, I provide you ample resources on how to decipher ingredient lists and just help you steer clear of hidden (and obvious) toxins in your food.

Click here to find your local growers/ farmers markets!



This my friends is one of the biggest myths. Many people believe if they start eating healthy they have to give up their favorite foods. The fact is that most people are consuming foods that hijack their taste buds and are hyper palatable. Food scientists design foods this way to make them addicting! There is a process of your taste buds readjusting, but you can still eat your favorite foods… just using better and healthier ingredients! This is exactly what we do in my courses! We make DELICIOUS and nourishing foods that help keep us satiated and feeling energetic and vibrant. This is your birthright!

Do you resonate with any of these myths? If your answer is yes, don’t worry! This is a process and relearning how to think about food is ALL part of the process! Remember it is up to you to choose a growth mindset and a new perspective! 

If you are overwhelmed and just need a little guidance (or a lot of guidance) I offer three different programs to get you heading in the right direction. All of my programs are filled with AMAZING resources to keep the guess work out of it and help provide you clarity and confidence in this process!

Check out my programs here! Health is just a click (and new perspective) away!

If you are here… you are on the path. I’m grateful to be a part of your journey. With gratitude, Becky Wells


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