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The Story of My Awakening (Part 7) - When the book arrived

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2021
In the last part of my awakening I got to share with you the story about the inception of Hippie Moms!
It was so serendipitous and the timing could not have been more perfect for me on my lonely journey! 
I took so much away from that evening and am so grateful that the experience gifted me the community we have today. It's just so beautiful. 
I want to share with you the continuation of that story, so here we go... 
[Audio Version of this email]
About a week later after our magical dinner, Kellie sent me a book.
It arrived when she said it would. 
The book was titled, Make an Informed Vaccine Decision, ironically one of the authors of this book was an expert speaker at this years’ Holistic Mama Summit, Neil Z. Miller.
I opened up the package, read the title and I was skeptical.
I too was indoctrinated into the “vaccines are completely safe and effective” worldview.
It was our duty as parents to keep our kids safe, and one of the consistent messages to parents told by doctors and society that in order to do that, we must vaccinate.
[DISCLAIMER: Just so you know if you do vaccinate, I do not judge or care, to be honest. This email isn’t about trying to convince you to do anything. I’ll never convince anyone to do anything with their lives AND I will never advise one not to vaccinate, I will however advise every parent to research the shit out of vaccines so that you can make an INFORMED decision that works with your bio-individual life and family.]
I spent a couple of days and read it straight through.
I was speechless.
So much of what I read just felt right, but my stomach hurt and ached from the stress hormones created to think once again, I was duped.
Now, I had never ever read anything contrary to the mainstream narrative that vaccines were safe and effective.
I always believed my doctors when they told me the vaccines were safe and rarely had any side effects. 
This was the first bout of information that told a different narrative.
I began to learn about the extremely low standards of what makes vaccines safe and effective. 
I read countless PUBLISHED studies that painted an entirely completely different story. 
I read the inserts and ingredients they put into vaccines. Heavy metals, animal DNA, formaldehyde, antibiotics, egg proteins, and aborted human fetus cells just to start. 
I learned about common vaccine reactions and the vaccine adverse event reporting system (aka. VAERS).
Wait, there is a system that keeps track of vaccine-injured people?
YES, and a program, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that uses taxpayer money to pay those who are found to be injured by certain vaccines. 
Approximately $3.1 billion dollars has been paid to compensate vaccine victims and their families. 
I learned that that pharmaceutical companies hold absolutely NO liability for the vaccines they create and make a guaranteed $1 billion dollars with every vaccine on the CDC schedule. 
Sounds like a sweet deal for Big Pharma, but where is the system of accountability? 
I'm going to reiterate that these companies make billions of dollars getting their vaccine on the CDC’s schedule, yet they carry no liability if anyone gets injured from one of their injections.
If one gets injured then we as taxpayers take care of them and their families. 
It just felt like I was uncovering more dirty lies I had once believed.
The last inkling of trust I had in my doctors diminished. Gone. 
Last few years I had discovered cancer-causing chemicals in my baby's toys products, and foods. 
I learned about chemicals & toxins used for warfare being repurposed after WWII for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides sprayed on our food. 
Now I'm learning that vaccines not only are responsible for autoimmune disorders and other detrimental long-term effects that are rarely disclosed, but also increase our chances of developing asthma, allergies, seizures, diabetes, and cancer. 
What really got to me is that up to 40% of the population have a gene mutation, MTHFR, that inhibits their body to detoxify and it's linked to major negative vaccine reactions that manifest as diseases. 
How did I not know this?! 
It was all so bizarre.
I began reflecting and began to connect the dots to the horrible reactions both of my boys got after each vaccination.
Maybe when my eldest was a baby and he constantly screaming and crying wasn’t just due to what I was eating. 
I went back and looked at his medical records and realized that his pain began just after his first round of shots and I'm sure my diet of dairy, carbs, and sugar wasn't helping him heal from what he was going through. 
When I shared this new information with my husband, he was shocked and agreed that he saw the connection too.
After every “well visit” both of my boys ran very high fevers and crazy reactions. 
When I called the doctors to report these horrible reactions, they just informed me this was normal and to give them Tylenol.
This was normal? 
My babies were having seizure-like whole-body spasms.
Screaming at the top of their lungs for 2-3 days straight and seemed as if they were dying. 
But it's normal, said the nurse, said the doctor. Just give them some pain reliever.... 
Each and every time.
With both boys, I just stopped going back to our “wellness visits” as I just couldn’t take it anymore. I literally could not get my body there. 
Yet, I didn’t see the connection then.
I began to reflect, and what was so sad to me was that when the nurses came to administer the vaccines, I never asked to see the inserts.
I never even thought to ask what was in the vaccines. 
I never thought about looking up studies and actually questioning the chemical concoctions that were being injected into my baby’s body.
Most importantly I never trusted the ton of bricks in my stomach each time their precious body was injected.
This put me on a huge mission. To uncover the truth.
It led me into the deeper waters of deceit in the medical system and I started to unveil the mounds of conspiracy and conflict of interest between our food system, our sick-care system (aka. Healthcare system), Big Pharma, and our government.
I knew already how each system was broken, but this was the moment I realized that there was a revolving door between each of them.
It was all about money, money, money.
I read countless books, studies, and research that showed the exact opposite of what I had always believed. That vaccines were safe and effective.
Everything became SO clear.
Our sick bodies are a commodity... we fill the pockets of these massive conglomerates and it’s a vicious cycle.
I realized that not one of these money machines benefits from us being healthy.
I continued to be dismayed at what I found.
The statistics stunned me.
But before I had no place to turn.
No other mother to ask her opinion or advice on how to process this information.
Now I had a place.
I had a community of women who were living this lifestyle or were learning how to live it.
I began to share everything that I was learning with this new community of mother’s and I felt supported and finally connected to my people.
I began to share messages with Kellie and found a safe place to talk about vaccines.
Many people that I would share my newly discovered information and would look at me as if I was insane and a menace to society.
The community that was being created… ended up being my saving grace.
Finally supported and connected, I began to feel like I wasn’t crazy and this simple thought, that I wasn’t alone, was a game-changer.
This was a community I could share my confusion and pain with. 
A community I could ask women who had been on this journey longer than I had, for help. 
Having like-minded women to share my journey with was EVERYTHING! 
This is why I want to share one of the most important books regarding vaccine safety and efficacy, by Neil Z. Miller. 
It's called Miller's Review of Critical Vaccines, where over 400 studies are summarized for you so that you can understand the REAL data and make an informed decision for you and your family! 
In the last part of this series I'm going to share with you the fundamental practice that changed my life forever in a positive and healing way. 
It's been something I've practiced for years and it continues to support my journey to become a better mother and human. 
Stay tuned! 
In love, Becky 

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