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“The shorter the chain between raw food and fork, the fresher it is and more transparent the system is.” Joel Salatin

Mother Nature provides humans everything they need to be healthy and heal.

It’s when humans think they know better and try to “outsmart” her is when they become the cause of their own demise.

Our policies allow neurotoxins and highly toxic chemicals to be used in and sprayed on our food.
Our country's population has never been more sick, and instead of helping our people improve their lifestyle and quality of life, we are told that pills and shots are the only answer. 
Evil and corrupt conglomerates profit from the dysfunction of the human body. 
They profit from humanity not knowing their divine innate power.
They hide the truth and we cannot change anything from the top down. 
We can only change these broken systems from the bottom up.
We change by voting with our wallets.
We change them by coming back to our communities and supporting farmers and small local businesses that abide by her rules.
We change by voting for people and businesses that embody the principles and values we hold as true.
My wish is for humanity to know of the power they hold by the way they source and buy food. 
The most rebellious thing we can do right now is to be much more intentional about who and what we support. 
The most powerful thing we can do is stop living in fear.
Instead, choose to live in love and from that place nourish our bodies with local food, supporting small businesses and our communities that need our support! 

Shopping locally can have the most profound effect not only on our health but our world.

Food can travel up to 1500 miles just to be offered in your local grocer!

It is crazy how we have become so accustomed to this unsustainable (sooner or later it must collapse) way of living. 

It's time we wake up and look to our own communities and develop partnerships that can literally change the entire world! 

There are SO many benefits to shopping local... 

  • We are more connected with our food and the people who grow it! 

  • Local food often retains more nutrients as it doesn't have to travel long distances. Many of the products we pick up at the grocer has been stored for months and ripened with synthetic chemicals. No thanks. 

  • It tastes better! Crops are harvested at their peak and brought to your table within days!

  • Animal products are processed in nearby facilities with more humane practices and not in large industrial operations that pollute our earth and practice horrifying and inhumane practices. 

  • Locally grown produce may be safer. You have the opportunity to look a farmer in the eye at the market or driving by the fields where your food comes from. Local farmers aren't anonymous and they take their responsibility to the consumer seriously. 

  • Shopping local supports the local farmers and our community. It keeps your money in your community. 

  • Local food preserves open space

  • Local food keeps taxes down

  • When we buy locally it benefits our environment and wildlife

  • Local food is an investment in the future. By supporting local farmers today, you are helping to ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow. That is a matter of importance for food security, especially in light of an uncertain energy future and our current reliance on fossil fuels to produce, package, distribute and store food.

  • You begin to be more connected to your food and develop a sense of gratitude for those who grow the very fuel that sustains your life!

You can Find a Local Farmers Market near you!  

CSA's (Consumer Supported Agriculture) is a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer.

Depending on the CSA in your area, you can source a variety of products based on season and personal choice.

When you join you pay in advance and pick up at their drop-off locations near you!  Click here to find a CSA today!

Many local farmers' markets and CSA's provide access to consciously and locally raised meats, dairy, and eggs.

Eat Wild is a wonderful resource to use to find grass-fed meat and dairy, and pasture-raised chickens and eggs. Click here to learn more! 

Milk has been one of the most controversial subjects in nutrition. Contrary to popular belief it can have a huge impact on our health... but not the kind you find in your local grocer.

If milk is part of your or your family's daily diet, look at the Real Milk website to find grass-fed and raw milk options (goat, sheep, and cow) near you. 

You don't have to change EVERY aspect of how you source food, just start with going to your local farmer's market, joining a CSA, or just supporting local and small businesses. 

As we begin to shift away from consuming food tainted with toxins and chemicals, we will begin to heal, have better health, support and create a healthier community, and rebel against a food and "health" system that is broken and corrupt! 

Yes, sourcing food this way can change these broken systems from the ground up! 

We don't change anything overnight, we change things with consistent and intentional actions every day. Just start somewhere! 

With love and gratitude, 

Becky Wells, NTP
Clean Living Educator & Advocate
Host of the Hippie Moms Podcast


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