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Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

Do you know what the most powerful words are, and what you put after them shapes your reality?

“I AM ______.”

For so long I was in a “I am SO tired” mode. I was tired of motherhood, the monotony of life, and felt joyless. I was searching and searching for reasons I was in this fucking funk. I was miserable and creating misery around me. It was straining my relationships and causing our sacred space at home to feel toxic. I just couldn’t get out of this space.

Now, I knew intellectually how powerful thoughts are… and even more how the thoughts that become words are the most powerful force available to us.
Words are energy! They have the ability to heal, help, and create a better world. We can cchoose to create encouragement, peace, and love, or use them for our and other’s destruction.

Most of us use our words unconsciously. I was bringing my stories and habitual thinking, based around scarcity and conflict, into my world. I was manifesting scarcity and conflict. WHY?

Why, because this is how most of the world operates. In an unconscious thinking cycle based on fear.

I did some soul searching and began to focus all of my attention on the stories in my head. Meditation and nature helped me unravel these story cycles and I began to choose again, and again, and again… I’m still choosing again. I haven’t arrived anywhere! But I’m now creating a reality that aligns with my soul. It’s AMAZING how quickly things shift when we shift. I began connecting to gratitude with my words. Instead of “I am SO fucking tired of making lunches.”, I chose, “I am grateful I get to feed my kids healthy foods for lunch.” OR “I am patient to see how this all unfolds.” (Relating to crazy and chaotic fights between my boys). You get it!

I want to offer just a few simple ways to help you shift out of your funk… if you too are ready to create a different reality.

  1. Notice what words you use that come after “I AM ____.”See how everything in your life is a reflection of that phrase. The eternal moment is always the perfect time to create a new phrase. I love affirmations and create simple phrases like, I am patient, I am present, and I am open to receive. Keep it simple or make it complex. Feel it to be true in every ounce of your being.

  2. Spend time in your mind. Get to know those thoughts and stories that are unconsciously creating your life. When you become aware of these habitual thoughts you can tune into a NEW story. It takes dedication and courage to know your mind. It’s worth EVERY ounce of it!

  3. Spend time in nature. For me hiking and just being with Mother Nature provides a stillness and quietness that is so healing. I can communicate with these stories and sift though my thoughts to better understand myself, my mind, and thus connect with my soul.

  4. Don’t believe everything you think.Did you know the average human experiences 70,000 – 90,000 thoughts per day! 80% of those are RECYCLED!! Just because you think it, doesn’t make it true..

  5. Commit to a meditation practice.There is never a better time than now. Stay tuned as I’ll be posting a video on meditation and how to overcome your fear of sitting with yourself in silence.

If you love this, join my clean eating programs. We implement meditation as a daily practice, along with nourishing our bodies with power medicinal and healing foods. It’s life-changing.

Thanks for being here 🙂

With gratitude, Becky Wells


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