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The Becoming of YOU.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. - Maya Angelou 

Do you know what scares me most? 

The idea of not fulfilling my mission on earth. Not fully living my truest soul-expression. 

The thing is, EVERY human being on this planet has a mission, a unique and bio-individual purpose that we are specifically designed to be embody during our life. 

Our soul longs to be heard and expressed. This is the longing so many of us feel as a void that must be filled with things, whether it be handbags, shoes, shopping, amazon packages (you can see what I tend to fill it with), drugs, alcohol, even exercise or nonstop working habits. There are millions of things one can try and fill the void with… but it can and never will be filled. It will only continue to long and crave it’s full expression without shame, fear, and self-doubt. 

What keeps us from living this optimal version of ourselves? 

There are a few things I’ve identified in my life that has always contributed to me continuously sabotaging my living in alignment with my fullest expression… 

  1. False-beliefs. We pick up these lame belief-systems throughout our whole lives. From family, friends, our culture, society, marketing and media, and everywhere in between. Never questioning the beliefs we carry around is a sure way to live in this mental prison of suffering and never-ending longing.
  2. Self-Doubt. Fueled by false-beliefs and messages we’ve picked up, we believe we aren’t worthy of greatness and success. These consistent subconscious messages keep us stuck and on the hamster wheel of suffering. The only limits we have are the limits we create!
  3. We don’t invest in ourselves. I know as a mom, it’s the easy thing to do to fill everyone else’s cups and forget about our own. How can we show up as who we are meant to be when we are tired, fatigued and empty? The answer is, we can’t. Investing time and resources into doing the things we love, truly caring for our soul home, and aligning with our hearts is the path to not only healing, but to shedding who we no longer are. We must invest time, energy, and resources into our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. No one else will advocate for us… it’s up to us.
  4. Fear of getting out of our comfort zone. Changing the way we do things, our habits, our thinking, and the actions we take requires us to shift out of what is comfortable and into the unknown. Ugh. I hate feeling uncomfortable and you know what it’s okay to be uncomfortable.

    Ask yourself, “Is your comfort zone really comfortable?” Is it? If you really spend time exploring this, I have a feeling you’ll realize it’s EXTREMELY uncomfortable staying stuck, stagnant, and not evolving.

Living in alignment must begin with an unbecoming of who we think we are, and transforming into who we’ve always been meant to be. Let me tell you that is not comfortable!

 We have a tarantula, her name is Olive. 

We inherited her from the boys’ school. 

She is literally the lowest maintenance being in my home. 

She molts, where the old skin is removed and discarded a couple times per year, but before she molts, she looks like shit. She begins to bald on her abdomen and becomes slow and sluggish. She stops eating for weeks and then she creates a safe space under her log home by spinning her silk and closing off the entrance so no one or nothing can intrude on this, unbecoming, process. 

She sheds her skin so that a new one can take its place. She creates a bigger place or skin to live in.

She grows.
She expands.
She evolves. 

I can’t think of better analogy… but she doesn’t really have a “choice” whether to molt or not. It’s instinctive and deep in her biology. 

We on the other hand have a complete choice in the matter. Our lives represent an accumulation of every choice we’ve ever made, and most of us are making them unconsciously and unintentionally. 

These are the first four steps I’ve discovered on how to transition from getting through life, to truly embracing and living life… 

(Disclaimer: I DO NOT have it figured out! It’s a journey and there is no destination!) 

  1. WE MUST BECOME AWARE! This is why meditation and sitting in stillness is vital to our mental health. We have to listen to our mind! If we don’t, we continue living in the habitual thinking that is constantly manifesting our reality. If we want to change our reality, we must change our thinking!
  2. Question your thoughts. I love @ByronKaties work on this subject. Check out this link to her article about using 4 questions to use as a self-inquiry, known as “The Work”. Questioning our thoughts is vital to uncovering the truth or lies in our thinking.
  3. Decide that you are ready to live in alignment with your soul purpose! This simple declaration (if you really believe it) will unequivocally begin the process. See below on how I like to connect to this frequency.
  4. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE! There is no room for victim mentality or blaming others. The only way you can move towards this optimal version and fullest soul expression is to remove the blame and insert complete and utter responsibility for your creation of this version of you! 

One exercise I do, and is incorporated in my The Hippie Moms collective programs, is this exercise right here. First, find a quiet place. Close your eyes and imagine the most optimal version of you. 

This isn’t the time to focus on the discrepancy, it’s the time to use your imagination to create in your mind’s eye the version of you that you are becoming. 

Speaking about that version of you in third person… answer these questions: 

  1. What are you doing with your time?
  2. How do you feel?
  3. What is your typical day look like?
  4. Notice your energy. Notice your facial expressions.
  5. Just notice.
  6. Stay and envision YOU becoming this version of you.

As we explore this vibrational frequency of this version of ourselves, we connect to it. 

If that’s a little woo-woo, then you can skip this part. If you get it, keep reading. 

After we connect to this version of us, which in actuality already exists, we begin to notice what is in our lives now that is not in alignment.

 When you imagined this version of you, what were you doing? How were you spending your day? 

Ask yourself, why aren’t I doing that now? What is blocking me from doing what I enjoy? Money. Time. The balls to make it happen? Maybe deep down you don’t believe you deserve that life? 

Well I’m here to tell you do. No matter the past you deserve to create the most incredible future! 

If you’re optimal self was healthy, vibrant, and full of energy… what creates that into reality? Eating better, moving your body, meditating? Don’t take my suggestions, really dig into what is keeping you right now in your life from achieving that healthy self you deserve? 

It’s also SO important to note that it took us decades to get where we are. Once we connect with this vibrational frequency and begin aligning to it, it will take some time for our energy body to adjust, but I can tell you from experience, it absolutely WILL NOT take decades! 

As you begin to do this exercise, it will be easy to slip back and focus on why you aren’t there and why you can’t create this life. That is just your past conditioning keeping you stuck, so be aware of those habitual thoughts and actions in your subconscious that don’t fit in your new creation. Remember #1. WE MUST BECOME AWARE! 

Living in alignment requires an extreme and honest examination of one’s life. 

A quick note on self-doubt. 

I've spent countless hours doubting myself... and I'll share with you what I've discovered with self-doubt. Everyone has it and it can either be completely paralyzing or simply seen as a false story we no longer want to believe. There are two ends of the spectrum… but it plagues the majority of us and is only perpetuated by fake social media feeds and fear-based narratives. 

Here is how I handle self-doubt now… 

I literally thank it. I thank it for showing me the parts of me that still are scared, that still wish to be comfortable, the parts of me that are no longer in alignment with my mission.

 I thank it, as I would a small child giving me a gift. Thank you. I see you and your message is received. 

I now do this with all the “negative” energy and thought-forms that try and drive me off my path. Acknowledging the gifts within all of it, lighten the load and grants you a new perspective to view them. It’s life-shifting. 

Our longing to be heard and live in purpose is what that feeling is that never leaves us. Because we don't follow those messages and listen to the guidance constantly fed to our souls, we are left with the void that nothing can ever fill. 

I often get asked, how will I know what my purpose is... and my question to that question is, "What do you LOVE to geek out about? What could you do for hours that feels like seconds?"

 It's that endless curiosity and longing to dive into something that holds you like the divine being you are. Like a warm embrace that you never want to leave. 

In a time where so many of us are paralyzed by perpetuated fear, it's time to really ask, "What the f#% do you want.” Align with that curiosity, that imaginative optimal self and watch your world change.

 If you are ready to do some deep work.

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In love and gratitude

Becky Wells
NTP, Clean Living Educator & Advocate


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