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Smashed Garlic Cheesy Potatoes

savory side dishes Feb 01, 2021

Whoever thinks eating clean doesn't taste good? Well they are CRAZY people!

Now, this isn't a dish I encourage all my cleanse clients to eat.. however, this is a perfect side dish for weekends, grilled wild caught salmon, grass-fed steaks, grilled or roasted chicken, and/or any clean meats.

This is my comfort food.

I make a shit-ton as I always love to have leftovers with fried eggs in the morning. OMG! No words, just delicousness.

Savory and a crowd pleaser! What else do you need in a side dish?

Okay, enough chit chat, let's do this...

Smashed Garlic Cheesy Potatoes


  • 1.5 lbs of potatoes (I love tri-colored fingerling potatoes, but you can use red potatoes, or russet)
  • 4 tbsp. butter, melted
  • 4 garlic cloves diced or pressed.
  • 1.5 cups of shredded raw organic cheddar cheese (or any cheese you love)
  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Boil potatoes until they are soft and easily smashed with a fork
  2. When potatoes are close to being ready, preheat oven to 425 degrees and begin to slowly melt butter on a low heat.
  3. Drain & pat potatoes dry.
  4. Put the potatoes on an bleached parchment paper lined baking sheet
  5. Using the bottom of a small glass cup, smash the potatoes until they are spread out evenly on the sheet.  
  6. Once butter is melted take off of heat and add in garlic. Stir to mix.
  7. Pour butter evenly all over potatoes
  8. Spread cheese over potatoes evenly
  9. Salt & Pepper to taste
  10. Put in oven for 15-20 minutes.
  11. Once cheese is bubbly in the middle, broil for 3-4 minutes. This will crisp the top and add the crunch you are always looking for :)
  12. Enjoy!
  13. Store leftovers (if there are any) in an airtight glass container.

Boom! That is what I'm talking about. Simple. Delicious. Easy.

You are welcome :)

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In love and wellness,

Becky Wells
NTP, Clean Living Educator & Advocate




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