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Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.” – unknown

The world glorifies busyness.

For a long time, I did too.

I based my worth on how busy and productive I was. it wasn’t until motherhood that I realized that the manifestations of this false belief was extremely toxic.

The mind can be addictive. It’s always looking to keep us safe and thrives on fear-based information. It can keep us in negative thought loops, which unconsciously creates a life that is not in alignment with what we truly want.

For so long I “was going to meditate when _” happened. I put it off, as sitting still seemed boring and almost a waste of time. I eventually had no choice to face the endless thoughts that dictated my life as I had to get control of me! I was literally out of control and my health was spiraling downward. The stress of motherhood was making me physically sick.

It took a few weeks until I found space between my thoughts and didn’t get distracted. It was not something I looked forward to, sitting in stillness with me. It was kinda scary but I knew it was absolutely necessary.

After sometime, big shifts began to happen. I saw how thoughts would provoke emotions and then feelings would wash over me. I was in awe how one little unconscious thought could have such a profound effect on my body. I continued to watch and slowly I was able to unravel all these unconscious beliefs that no longer, or really never, served me.

I guess what I want to express here is that it is vital to sit in stillness with you. How do we ever know ourselves until we can be with ourselves?

Meditation doesn’t have to look like anything either. I regularly sit on my bed with legs extended and a pillow under my knees. Sometimes I sit in a chair with a long spine and my feet on the ground. Or if I feel flexible I sit crossed-legged.

You don’t have to sit in a lotus position to meditate. It can look and be different for everyone.

If you are new to meditation, just carve out 5 minutes!!! Just focus on your breath, and when you mind takes you away for the 1 millionth time, just come back to the breath. No big deal. It takes practice and diligence to unravel the persistent mind and those thoughts that don’t serve you.

Over time you will begin to find more space between the thoughts and be able to focus on your breath for a longer period of time. It’s VITAL that we slow down and go within. Our collective consciousness is counting on us.

Do you meditate? Any tips or insight on how you began your practice? What is the impact it has had on your life? Please share 🙂

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