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 This delicious and simple salad is SO easy to make and delicious to eat! With tons of fiber, phytonutrients, and flavor this could just be one of your new staples in life!

I'm all about keeping healthy cooking simple! This salad has always been a hit and is super simple to put together! The feta is a perfect addition but is also optional!

Of course, I suggest buying all ingredients organically! If you can't buy everything organic make sure you are following the Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 Lists! I've included them below. Always buy produce on Dirty Dozen list organically and those listed on the Clean 15, you can buy those conventionally.

Okay now that you better know to buy your produce, let's do this:


8 Medium - Large cherry tomatoes cut into quarters
1/2 Large cucumber peeled and cut into bite size pieces
1/4 cup chopped red onion
Handful of Arugula chopped
1/4 cup organic feta (Sheep's feta is best and healthiest!)
2 tsp. of Italian spices
3 Tbsp.. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Juice from 1/2 large lemon
Salt & Pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy! Easy peasy! You can make in advance and hold for a few hours!

What I hope to share with others is how eating healthy is SO simple, once you understand how to buy food in a way that eliminates harmful toxins  (my mission), and when you adopt a mindset that propels you towards health!

In my new program, How to Detoxify Your Food and Eat Real, I teach you the basics on how to source cleaner, safer, and more nourishing foods. You get SO many resources and guidance to help you on your journey towards optimal health! It's the first step to increasing longevity and energy! Rid your food of toxic crap and give your body what it needs to become your best self! If you don't take care of your body... where will you live? 

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In love and gratitude,

Becky Wells
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


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