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The Story of My Awakening (Part 2) - The Glowing Woman

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2021
I shared with you how the moment I walked out of my doctor's office with a pad of prescriptions, was truly the inception of my awakening... I just didn't know it yet. 
A few weeks after that experience, I saw in human form what health truly looked like.
 During this time I was so confused and concerned about my health. 
I was doing all the right things. 
Eating what the FDA told me to and exercising strenuously. 
I had cut calories and exercised more... but the more I focused on this simple equation, the worse I seemed to be getting. 
I always had lower back pain, my nose was always running, my periods were horrible and sporadic and I was constantly suffering from anxiety and bouts of depression. 
I saw my future as an older, overweight, and sick woman dependent on pills like ALL the adults in my family and those I was surrounded by at my work. 
I just couldn't accept this fate... but I had no idea what to do. 
It was a Saturday morning. 
I was hungover from the night before and was meeting my wing-woman and friend Victoria at one of our local restaurants, La Grande Orange (LGO for short). 
I couldn't wait to down a huge homemade English muffin stuffed with eggs, bacon, mayo, and avocado. 
We were standing in line talking about the night before and most likely overanalyzing one of the many emotionally unavailable men I was pining for. 
I was so insecure and the state of my health was just exacerbated by a lack of confidence. 
I was facing the cash register and she was facing me and the entrance of the restaurant. 
In midsentence, I noticed Victoria's eyes wander towards the entrance and a huge smile appear on her face. 
I was a little annoyed that she got distracted, but also noticed how white her teeth were! 
I turned around and saw a woman walking towards us. 
She was literally glowing
She was a little shorter than I was, had dark brown hair that was thrown into a messy bun on the top of her head.
She wasn't wearing any makeup and looked as if she had just finished a strenuous workout. 
Her skin was so beautiful... almost flawless. 
She was glowing from the inside out. 
Her skin just had this brightness and dewiness about it. 
Her eyes were big, bright, and kind. 
She was muscular and fit... 
Besides how beautiful she was, what was most overwhelming was how calm and grounded she seemed. 

Immediately I felt a wave of envy wash over me. 
I had never seen someone so healthy before. 
Victoria introduced me quickly and they went on catching up. 
I could tell the conversation was about to end and before she was about to leave us, I put my hand on her arm and she looked at me. 
"What do you do?" I asked.
It was a silly question because I didn't want to know what kind of work she did... I wanted to know...
"I mean, what do you do, to look like you do?!" I said before she could reply. 
I felt like I was about to learn the secret to health. 
She was flattered and smiled with warmth. 
"Ah, you are too sweet," she said and continued... "Well, I do many things to take care of myself. I practice yoga, eat clean, and meditate.... "
She continued but my mind latched onto the first three things she said. 
Her phone rang and she reached into her bag. 
"I'm sorry I have to take this. It was so great seeing you Victoria and nice meeting you Becky. Let me know if you want to come practice yoga at the studio I go to. I have a couple of passes you two could use."
They hugged goodbye and all I knew as she was walking away, is that she embodied what I wanted.
We got back in line to order our hangover sandwiches and large lattes. 
This woman wasn't the first person I had met who literally glowed from the inside out, but she left an unforgettable impression on me. 
As I mentioned above, I was in such a bad place in my physical, mental, and emotional health and I had no answers. 
My doctors just prescribed me chemicals as answers and the mainstream information I was constantly sold did nothing to support my health. 
After this moment meeting this woman, I saw what health could actually look like. 
I wanted to glow from the inside out. 
I wanted to feel calm and grounded. 
I wanted to lose the 20-30 pounds I couldn't rid myself of... and I just wanted to feel like me. 
Even though for the majority of my journey I was driven by vanity... 
… now I know that glowing, being calm, grounded, slim, and happy are simply SYMPTOMS of what's going on inside of me. 
It took me over 14 years of 
>>> Struggle
>>> Research
>>>  Self-experimentation
>>> Obtaining my designation as an NTP
Spending tons of
>>> Time
>>> Effort
>>> Tens of thousands of dollars on pills, diets, supplements, and superfoods
To truly understand the most important foundations of looking and feeling like this woman
The thing is... I know that we ALL want to know what are the most important things we need to do to create this type of health... 
... and glow from the inside?  
It's confusing, overwhelming, and let's be honest... hard to change long-held bad habits. 
It's hard because we are so heavy with self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs that we aren't even aware that we already have what we need to make the changes we know we need to make. 
That's the paradox of life... we believe that there is something outside of us that will heal or help us... but in fact, we already have everything we want or need within us... we just have to be willing to do the work and get out of our own way! 
In part 3 of this series and the next blog post, I share the actual moment that propelled me into my journey.
It was all because of my 6-month-old son, and I would NEVER be the same again. 
Thanks for reading and being here with me on your journey! 
In love, Becky 

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