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Optimizing the Rhythm that Rules Our Bodies

hippie tips Jun 16, 2022

Ridiculously beautiful human,

My husband and boys left for the annual school camping trip on Tuesday. 

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I chose to stay home. 

I would usually attend these types of events and be excited to do so. 

I love being in nature, around kids, and even though I'm a novice when it comes to camping, I'm down to give it a go. 

A few days before they left, I vacillated on whether or not I should go. 

Honestly, I had a bit of FOMO and really wanted to connect with this amazing community. 

I knew I'd be missing out on some special times with my kids. 

I wanted to be there to help and possibly be a buffer for my husband in any awkward social situations. 

I was creating a lot of guilt around the thought of not going. 

However, I knew that my cycle was coming. 

The dates the trip were planned were the days leading up to my cycle. 

I shared this with a few of the moms at school when they asked if I was going and every one of them got it. 

When I told my youngest's guide, she said something I'll never forget. 

"Good for you!" she exclaimed with such kindness. 

"I think it's amazing that you honor yourself like that." she said

I felt that. 

It was such a beautiful reflection validating my the best decision I could make, even though I was still vacillating on it. 

I knew that couldn't not show up as my full self, if I were to go. 

I prefer to be alone during this time. 

It's the most connected I feel to myself paired with a desire to not connect with anyone else. 

I'm also more irritated and less rational. 

I notice how little things set me off, that normally don't matter at all. 

I always share with my boys when I'm coming upon my time of the month. 

I'll catch myself being short or rude, and with an apology I explain that I'm feeling more frustrated and annoyed, because I'm about to have my cycle. 

They understand and most of the time will give me a little more grace when I struggle. 

I cry more or sit in my closet  breathing into the energy of my pain-body. 

My husband and I are more likely than not to bicker and he annoys the shit out of me, just for breathing. 

What many of us find this time to be absolutely awful, there is another perspective I'd love to share. 

Eckart Tolle, a profound spiritual teacher, describes that just before our cycle starts, our pain-body becomes extra active.

If this term is new to you, he explains that our pain-body is an energetic body, some come to see it as almost a different entity that is made up of all the energetic residues of our pain from childhood. 

The traumas that have not been healed and/or brought to light are activated in our subconscious. 

So whatever is triggering us is actually never what we are upset about, it's just activating the pain within us. 

The pain-body can be dormant or active, and it's easy to feel what state it is in.

When it is active, it feeds on pain which can explain our low moods during or just before our period. 

We are more hormonal and big shifts are happening in our body which can make us more sensitive to all of life's unfolding. 

He goes on to explain how this time can be of extra value.

Yes, this time can actually be our greatest gift. 

It gives us a deepening into an opportunity to stay present in the emotions that intensify in the body.

When we are aware of our pain-body it cannot take us over and cannot survive with the light of our consciousness.

Our divine attention literally quenches it's fire. 

Taking the perspective that this time of the month can actually be a "short-cut" to healing ourselves, does spark my heart's fire. 

It's more intense, and more work can be done. 

Even if you are menopausal or post menopausal, as a woman you are still linked to the two rhythms that guide all of our bodies. 

We are never the same everyday and constantly led by two rhythms that rule our beings and bodies.

The infradian and circadian rhythms. 

I highly recommend you tune into your infradian rhythm. This article by Dr. Alisa Vitti, so beautifully explains what it is and why you should care. 

When we have a clear understanding of how to honor and cooperate with our rhythms, we have the power to consciously co-create our lives. 

We can attune our food, actions, plans, and lives by the rhythms that move us. 

The power in choosing to stay home in honor my cycle, supported my overall mental health and well-being. 

It's part of the self-care I preach about all the time. 

My point is this, to honor ourselves is to honor others. 

I believe this is one of the hardest parts of life. 

To truly listen to what we need, and do just that. 

We get distracted and filled up with the noise of the world. 

People-pleasing and keeping up with the Joneses. 

Forgetting that the quality of our connection to ourselves the the rhythms of our bodies translates into the quality of our lives. 

I'm not sure about you, but I'm creating the life of my dreams, my heaven on earth. 

I truly believe to create that, we must be willing to care for ourselves so deeply, with a compassionate will to do what we truly need, regardless of how much guilt we create for ourselves. 

Be willing to make hard choices that ultimately serve us. 

Those hard choices will always serve the highest good of all. 

AND the thought of having two whole days and nights to myself, well.... that sure was an incentive too! 

There is a cycle for everything. 

So tune into your cycle. 

Tune into the rhythms that guide your body. 

Honor them. 

In love and light,  

Becky Wells 
The Hippie Moms, LLC
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