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One SIMPLE Thing That Will Raise Your Vibration

Want to know a super simple thing you can do to increase your vibration and just overall feel better about yourself??
Do you? Are you ready?
This secret was revealed to me a couple years ago by my dear friend and mentor Angela Ferrari. I was going through her Shift Process (which is absolutely transformative) and this was just one of the many guided advice she shared...
She told me to stop leaving all my cute and fun clothes in my closet waiting for some event, occasion, evening, and/or gathering to happen in order to wear them. Wear them now!
What? That's stupid (legit response in my mind).
I thought that was completely ridiculous. I mean, I'm a mom of 2 boys, always in the kitchen, cleaning up after their messy asses, and tired (I looked it too).
I loved wearing my worn out sweat pants (or shorts), white tanks then turned gray with stains, and my favorite purple sweatshirt accompanied with holes galore.
Why would I wear my "nice" clothes only to get stains, holes, and ruined by my daily difficult life as a mom?
Here it comes...
Because when you wear things that you love, you automatically feel better about yourself....
Stay with me.
With much hesitation, I took her advice. I reluctantly began wearing my "cute" jeans and tops that I absolutely loved and yes was waiting for something to wear them to. Most of my favorite clothes still had the price tags on them.
Then transitioned into wearing my silky dresses and flowing pants with perfectly white tops, I always "save" the white tops since we all know they don't stay white forever!
Now of course I didn't wear heals at home (no shoes policy in my home)... but when I went to run an errand, I was actually dressed like I had somewhere important to go. I started to get so many compliments at the store, at my kids school, getting gas, etc.
I walked a little taller. My kids asked me all the time, "Mom, where are you going?"! (BTW, now they never ask me this question). I began to attract experiences, invitations, and kind gestures. My husband definitely took notice... and bow-chick-a-bow-wow 😉
I get how you might think, this is so materialistic and skin-deep. But answer this... how much of the clothes in your closet do you actually wear? 10%? 20%? 25%? I was probably at a 5% mostly living out of one drawer in my dresser.
All the while you wearing your "comfy" clothes, the rest of your closet sits in there lonely and stale.
The most amazing thing I learned through this perspective shift is this... You get to upgrade your "comfy" clothes!
I got rid of anything ripped, torn, or held on to (I had shit from high school!). I went through my closet and picked out everything that could be worn to bed or lounging around. My cute black tank top with sparkles (that I never ever wore) became my new favorite sleep top. I think you get my point.
Shifting through your wardrobe may seem unimportant, but I guarantee you that when you upgrade your "comfy" clothes and actually wear the clothes you're saving for that rainy day... things shift and you shift.
So when I was learning this tidbit of life-changing information, I asked Angela, "So if I wear one of my favorite silky dresses while, I'm cooking and it gets shit on it... then what?"
Her reply, “wear an apron!”
So my point is, stop waiting for some thing in the future to happen to wear what you love. You can take this perspective to ALL aspects of your life.
Stop waiting and start being that aspect of yourself that you desire to be. Okay.
Pic of me making prior to making dinner and pic of me making dinner. "Just wear an apron damnit!"
Becoming the optimal version of yourself requires stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things differently! This is just ONE simple thing you can do! 
An extremely powerful shift you can make in your life is viewing food as information. We literally become the food we consume. For many of us the disconnection with the food we eat creates a disconnection in the lives we live. 
My online programs give you everything you need to learn and implement to begin literally creating a new you! The best time to begin is now! 
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Join me today... your optimal self is waiting. 
In wellness and love, 
Becky Wells
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Clean Living Educator & Advocate 

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