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Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

Eating seasonally simply means choosing only those fruits and vegetables that are in season, typically grown locally. Of course, this depends on where you reside and the climate you live in. 

The best way to eat seasonally is to source the bulk of your food from your local farms and farmers markets. Maybe this isn’t practical depending on where you live so sourcing from your local grocer may be the only option. If this is the case then reference the following chart to have a better idea of what is in season! 

Benefits of eating seasonally are

  • You eat a variety of plants, which is how our ancestors lived! This not only provides your body with a variety of nutrients but helps us from growing intolerant of foods that we eat ALL the time. Mixing up what we consume is key to longevity!
  • You save money as plants in season are generally less expensive! It’s great for your budget!
  • They are more nutritious! Seasonal produce generally does not have to travel far! The less far a plant travels the more it retains its priceless nutrients!

Use this guide to source seasonal plants!

We must learn to change the way we shop in order to source real food. Focusing on the following will ensure you to feel confident in your food sourcing efforts. Buying real local and seasonal food is the way we change our food system and source the most nutrient-dense foods possible. 

Spend some time to find a local food source near you! My favorite resource to find local farms and growers markets near you is Local Harvest

Do you shop seasonally or are you a creature of habit, eating the same things all the time? I hope this post has inspired you to mix it up!

If you are looking for more ways to cultivate health and vitality, check out my 21 Days of Clean Eating Program! It’s a gift to yourself that will keep on giving your entire life! It’s full of amazing resources that have taken me over 7 years to put together!

Live Hippily… and eat seasonally!

XO, Becky


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