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clean living clean wiine Jun 16, 2020

So do you actually know what's in your wine? Well, do you?

If you drink wine regularly, listen up!  

In March of 2016 Moms Across America released new results showing that 10 major California wines contained the chemical glyphosate. “Glyphosate, deemed a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 2015, was found in all three categories of wine. This includes conventional (chemically grown), organic and biodynamic wines.” (Source)

If you aren’t aware, glyphosate is a synthetic compound that is non-selective systemic herbicide. It is used to kill unwanted plants. It is the chemical found in the common weed killer, Roundup. 

Besides glyphosate in wines, the FDA allows up to 250 additives such as: 

  • Ferrocyanide – this chemical is used as an anti-caking agent and exposure has been linked to respiratory and digestive health issues.  
  • Ammonium phosphate – an ingredient in fertilizers and used as a flame retardant, this chemical is linked to vomiting, tiredness, fever, diarrhea, low blood pressure, slow pulse, cyanosis, spasms of the wrist, coma and sever body spasms. 
  • Copper sulfate –Toxic when ingested this chemical is linked to vomiting and extremely dangerous to our gastrointestinal tract. Damage to body tissues, blood cells, the liver and kidneys.
  • Mega purple – This additive brings a dark color and sweetness to wine. It’s full of sugar and is added to wines that don’t boast a dark enough red color. It’s basically fruit juice.
  • More synthetic pesticides – Aren’t we just trying to get away from everything synthetic pesticides? So many pesticides used on grapes then carried into your wine glass are extremely toxic. There are numerous negative health issues… to many to list but the top negative effects are linked to dermatological, gastrointestinal, neurological, respirator, reproductive and endocrine health hazards!! 

Ummm… No thanks.

The average mass produced bottle of wine can contain up to 16 grams of sugar! That’s more than a glazed donut. Gross. 

Think about this scenario. Your favorite wine is Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. You as a consumer are expecting each bottle to taste the same. However, the earth, climate, and other circumstances effecting the vineyard/harvest cannot be consistent. It’s impossible. Therefore the companies have to modify the wine every time (with who knows how many chemicals) so you the consumer continues to drink that wine. 

I know so many women here consume and drink wine regularly. I feel it’s a disservice to not let you know that you have better options when it comes to consuming wine! It’s been a game changer for me and it may be a game changer for you! 

This is the only wine I drink. It’s so yummy and I cherish and truly enjoy every sip. 

Here’s what you get with Scout & Cellar wines: 

  1. Grown with NO synthetic pesticides
  2. Tended by actual people and not by mass produced industrial agriculture methods.
  3. Most are harvested from old growth vines. It’s like wine was made hundreds of years ago!
  4. ZERO grams of added sugar!
  5. ZERO added chemicals or additives.
  6. Vinified by hand and not manufactured in a lab.
  7. Slow crafted to extract naturally occurring antioxidants.
  8. Low in sulfites (most are below 50 ppm)
  9. ALL wine is independently lab tested to ensure purity.
  10. All varietals are sustainable, organic, and/or biodynamic. 

This is the no hangover wine! Of course this is relative your tolerance to any alcohol, but many hangovers are caused by the preservatives and additives that are added to wine! 

You can buy one or 100 bottles. There is also a wine club that is not committal. I source 6 bottles every month. I love the variety and have been buying for over 10 months. There has only been 1 bottle I have disliked and the company sent me a new one to replace it. Customer service is AMAZING!

Here’s the scoop on what you can do:

  1. Sign up for the Club Membership – 6 bottles (10% discount) 12 bottles (15% discount). You can purchase monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. No time commitment and completely your choice!
  2. Buy 6 or more bottles get a 5% discount.
  3. Buy 12 or more bottles and get a 10% discount!
  4. Any order over $99 get free standard shipping!


OR if you are feeling adventurous and want to get in on the ground level, connect with me! You don’t have to be a wine expert to be a wine broker. All you need is to enjoy people and believe in clean-living! I absolutely love the product and the company!


 Tell me did you know all of this shit was allowed in wine? Even the organic wine at the grocery store could still be toxic. Notice how they only use “organic grapes”… that doesn’t mean the rest of the ingredients are organic…

Check out my video above! I chat with Abby Puckett and Jennifer Jones on what the company and mission of Scout & Cellar is all about! 

Live Hippily… and please stop drinking chemicals and opt for clean crafted wine instead!!

With love of clean wine,

Becky Wells
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


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