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Living a Holistic Lifestyle

Hippie Moms is a community of women and mothers who take daily steps to increase their and their family's vibration, ultimately changing the frequency of the world. 

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Hippie Moms offers the community different ways to connect with like-minded women and find their tribe!

The Hippie Moms Podcast

Are you a mom challenging the status quo? Have you woken up to the reality that the food system we use, the corporate conglomerates in it for only profit, and the medical paradigm we live in are completely broken?

Are you ready to create a new and healthier world for your children?

The Hippie Moms podcast hosts amazing speakers and guests to guide us to grow and learn how to live more holistically and in tune with Mother Nature. 

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21-Days of Holistic Living

In just 3 short weeks you will learn the simple habits and skills that create a life infused with vibrancy, energy, and a sense of well-being.

in this 21-Day Program you will discover the most effective and simple habits that create a life that feels in flow and harmony.

You will learn the most basic ways to nourish the 3 most important aspects of yourself. 

The Mind. The Body. The Soul.

You must know by now that true health isn't found in pills, supplements, fancy herbs, or high-priced biohacking tools.

True health is created by consistent little acts of love for yourself. 

In this program I give you the road map to embrace a holistic lifestyle, by developing powerhouse habits, all the while nurturing your mind, body and soul. 

It's only 3-weeks, what do you have to lose?! 

Coming April 2024!


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