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The Hippie Mom's Guide to Clean Eating

Here is what you will learn and get in this Hippie Mom’s Guide to Clean Eating EBook:  

  1. How to truly eat and source clean, whole, real food.

  2. What chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s, and “ingredients” to avoid.

  3. How to navigate the grocery store with confidence and a mindset that what goes in your cart, goes into your precious body.

  4. What and how to create and implement simple daily habits to increase health and vitality!

    Small daily changes = HUGE changes over a lifetime

  5. What nutrient dense foods to focus on consuming. These foods are found in their whole, true, and natural form.

  6. How and why to eat local and seasonal! You’ll learn the benefits of this not only for your health but the health of our planet!

  7. A way to find healthier food swaps! Simply exchanging one unhealthy item for a healthier one can make a huge difference! It’s the little victories that keep you moving towards optimal health!

  8. What should your pantry and grocery list be comprised of? You’ll find some great lists and resources to reference to help keep you focused and on tract when shopping!

  9. How to curb your cravings and fill your “snack” arsenal with healthy and satiating options! This will keep you focused and successful!!

  10. How to still enjoy the sweetness of life, with my healthier alternative sweeteners!

  11. How to plan and build a weekly meal menu! When you dedicate a little time each week to planning and preparing your meals, you not only stay on the healthy train, but you save time, money AND your sanity.

  12. Tons more resources and meal inspiration to keep you on track!

Download your copy right now!!