Nutritional Therapy Consultation Sessions

Need that extra one-on-one support? I'm here to guide you the whole way! I believe baby steps are what it takes to cultivate more health in your life! Let's do this together!

Here's what you get when you sign up for  my Nutritional Therapy Consultations:

  • Three (3) One (1) hour meetings. We meet in person, on the phone or an online meeting.
  • A complete evaluation of your current dietary and lifestyle patterns via an online and easy-to-use software, Nutri-Q.
  • Deepening your knowledge about your current state of health and which systems of the body need the most support. We work with food  to help alleviate symptoms and bring your body back into balance. 
  • Full personalized support and guidance on transitioning from nutrient-deficient foods to nutrient-dense foods.
  • Bio-individual recommendations and personalized baby steps to move YOU towards YOUR health goals.
  • Meal plans and resources to help you find, create, and make nourishing meals that you and your family will love!
I'm Ready and I Need Help!

Personalized sessions are for you if: 

1. You are confused on how to eat healthy! With so much information out there, it's no surprise the majority of us are SO puzzled on how to actually eat healthy. 

2. You need guidance and support. Being held accountable, for many, is a game-changer. I support and follow-up with you the whole way through your transition towards cleaning up your diet and implementing lifestyle changes. We are team with one goal in mind... you moving towards your version of optimal health. 

3. You are tired of diets and pills. What I offer is guidance towards a sustainable and achievable healthy LIFESTYLE. Trendy fad diets are fleeting and never sustainable. They leave you feeling hungry or socially isolated. The whole conventional model of "a pill for every ill" is obsolete and causing more destruction than the diseases they are created to combat! If you are ready to shift your perspective from "a pill for everything" to food is medicine, I'm your partner. 

4. You are ready to make lifestyle changes. Not everyone is at this point. This is why the initial consultation is vital to find the fuel that will help you create real lifelong changes. I will not work with anyone who is not dedicated and committed to their health. This isn't always an easy process, so having the will power and motivation to make changes is key. 

Your personalized sessions can also be used for questions, product and supplement recommendations, meal planning, grocery shopping help, or anything you need to get you moving on your clean living journey!! 




I'm READY for Food Freedom!

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